Sunday, January 1, 2017

Jacobs Publishers

The slogan "Let your wisdom enkindle others" is enough to give one pause. But there are many more warning signals for Jacobs Publishers. The FAQ's page states that "[t]here will be no extra charges ... if the page limit gets exceeded." However, it is hard to imagine how the page limit could be exceeded when the page also advises that "there is no word limit for writing articles."

The About Us page contains the following gems (as of 9/16/16):
  • It is based on the most exciting researchers with respect to the functional journals covering cosmic fields ... .
  • We are involved in filling perforation in Open Access Journals. We are anchormen in leading articles with international standards.
  • This Journal opts to bring elixir to the problem and to encourage research development.
  • We strictly oppose copying of content as Plagiarism which is a clinical offence.
  • Jacobs Publishers is on the way of new strategies in scientific and medical field which are retrievable.
  • Our Mission is to foster and enrich the top-tier research around the globe by our diligence towards inventiveness and innovation in bringing science, medicine, engineering and Pharmacy to the spearhead.
Ouch! With such phrases, one has to wonder what is located at the only address provided--a building complex in Austin, Texas. The group is on Beall's list.

Jacobs Journal of Forensic Science

Email from JJFS boasts of an eminent editorial board. The only ones (as of 11/7/16) from the US are
Robert L. Barkin, a clinical pharmacologist practicing with "North Shore University Health Systems, United States," who also is an editor for the OMICS group and for SciForschen.
Chintam Nagendra Reddy, said to be at Florida Institute of Technology. Researchgate reveals no publications for him on forensic science, and the Florida Tech faculty directory does not list him. However, he is an editor for the OMICS group as well. The OMICS website describes him (11/7/16) as "a research fellow" and a "responsible team player with capability of leading a team."
Michael Yard, a "Senior Lecturer" at Indiana University--Purdue University who studies "the neuroprotective effect of thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) against glutamate toxicity in vitro."
  • 9/12/16. 11/7/16: Dear Dr. David H Kaye, Good day! Jacobs Journal of Forensic Science (JJFS- ISSN 2381-8697) invites Directors, Professors, Students, Academicians, Scientists, Lecturers, Researchers, etc. to submit original research and conceptual manuscripts. The journal Publishes topics related to forensic pathology, toxicology, biology, serology, psychiatry, anthropology, chemistry, biochemistry and the important marginal area where science and medicine interact with the law. It deals with Fingerprint analysis, scientific assessment of DNA, blood samples, bones, and criminal investigations, discoveries that include various aspects of DNA Analysis, Finger-printing, Techniques and current developments. ... Review process: After a thorough review by our Eminent editorial-board the paper will be published. Looking forward for a fruitful association with Eminent and Efficient people like you. Kindly respond to this invitation within next 2-3 working days. Thank you, have a great day. ... Regards, Issac Jonan *Note: If you are not interested to participate, please mail Unsubscribe ... .

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  1. I almost fell for their generous offer to give a keynote and get free accommodation:
    Euro Global Conference on Food Science And Nutrition (Jacobs Conferences).
    Woody Allen saved me from joining the club.