Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Insight Medical Publishing (iMedPub)

The website of the group's Journal of Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine says it all:
Forensic analysis studies the arranged information with respect to events of occurred crime. Forensic analysis is used to determine and understand the outlines of the total activities. The data from claim organizations or from their original files is stated to as arranged data. Formless data in comparison is taken from statement and applications or from mobile expedients.
  • 3/22/16: Dear Dr. David H. Kaye, Greetings from Journal of Medical Toxicology and Clinical Forensic Medicine Hope you are doing well I wonder if you could write a short review or a short commentary based on your previous article entitled “The good, the bad, the ugly: The NAS report on strengthening forensic science in America” for publication in upcoming issue. ... It would be grateful if you would submit your manuscript by April 8th, 2016. If your manuscript is ready, submit it NOW. We will process and publish within 21 days after the rigorous peer review process. Note: We will extend the date of submission as per your convenience. Please provide me your acceptance for the same I will be waiting for your positive mail. Have a nice and healthy day ahead Warm Regards, Anna Melissa Editorial Manager

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  1. IIRC, iMedPub are a branch of OMICS, using a CamelCase name to try to hide from the stink of mendacity that has accumulated around the OMICS name.