Thursday, January 12, 2017

Medwin Publishers

Medwin Publishers' website (visited 10/19/16) has some pretty good lines:
☆ an open access, internationally peer-reviewed Publishers that are indulged in publishing original articles
☆ aspires to bring eminent original findings of research information across the globe into light
☆ The motto of MedWin is to intellectualize the global society by providing them with the advancements
☆ We strive with a mission to proliferate superiority knowledge
The enterprise claims to publish more than 30 journals bimonthly "in the fields of Dental, pediatrics, diabetes, ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Biotechnology, virology." The address provided is in Troy, Michigan, and corresponds to the Bytes & Mortar building on Crooks Road, which "offers private and virtual office space." The domain is registered to Shravan Kumar Yeluvaka, 1411 Kirts Blvd, Apt 104, Troy MI 48084, (814) 566-5899,
International Journal of Forensic Sciences
Its International Journal of Forensic Sciences includes an article from Michael Hall (Roger Williams University) on "Concept Mapping, Social Value, and Public Administration: Public Administration in the Mind of the Public it Serves." Here, one learns that "[t]he United States is based on and operates societally and governmentally as a social contract" and that "[m]essages to establish Public Administration’s social value can be crafted and distributed to the public to reawaken what Public Administration contributes to the social contract, its history, and its education contributions." It would take a good detective to find a significant connection to forensic science. The names of the journal's editors are not to be found in the pages of the journal or on the website. The publication fee for an article like this is $1949.

The 24 members of the board of editors include the following U.S. experts: Ahmet S Yayla, George Mason University; Ronn Johnson, Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System; Richard P Conti, Kean University; Katherine Carolyn Turner, San Diego State University; Julia M Mack, Gannon University; Claire L Glynn, University of New Haven; and Zhu Dan, Iowa State University.

A "kind email" of  July 13, 2017, solicits "your quality manuscript" for an issue to appear in the next month. I would hate to see the unkind email.

Sent: Jul 13, 6:56 AM
Re: Manuscript submission: IJFSC

Greetings…!! This is a kind email regarding the submission of your quality manuscript. We would like to let you know that we are about to release our upcoming issue by the mid of next month, quality articles from an eminent person like you will add scope to our journal. So we humbly request you to submit your valuable manuscript which will be more helpful to release our upcoming issue successfully. As you have supported to our journal by which we have succeeded in winding up our volume. Hope your assistance will be with us in near future also. We will be glad if you submit your valuable manuscript as early as possible. We request you to submit your work to the below link given below and hope you will contribute to our esteemed journal and support us. Await your optimistic reply.
Kind Regards, Terri Katherine, Assistant Managing Editor, International Journal of Forensic Sciences (IJFSC), MedWin Publishers
Medwin invited me (10/19/16 and again 10/21/16) to "act as editor" for its journal on vaccines in this email:
Dear Dr. David H Kaye, Greetings from Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access! We have gone through your profile, which is impressive and so, we ... kindly request you to act as editor for our Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access. ... We request you to kindly accept our invitation for being an honorable Editor in our Journal and kindly send us below particulars to upload your profile in our Journal website: • Curriculum Vittae [sic] • Research Interest • Short Biography (about 250 words) • Recent Photograph. Hope you accept our invitation and look forward to receive from you at the earliest. Have a great day. Kind Regards, Monica Kathryn, Assistant Managing Editor, Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access (VVOA), MedWin Publishers
Maybe VVOA found its editors, for it then turned to more prosaic solicitations of manuscripts:
1/12/17: Dear Dr. David H Kaye, Greetings from MedWin Publishers!We have contacted you earlier through email. Since we have not received any response from you regarding your valuable manuscript submission, we are taking the liberty of resending the invitation as we are aware that you may be engaged in other activities or our message may not have successfully reached you. We are very pleased to announce that submissions for upcoming issue are now being accepted for Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access (VVOA). We have chosen eminent scientists, who have significant involvement in the advancement of research in their field and have the potential to give best quality articles for upcoming issue of our journal. We gently request you to submit any kind of article for publication and to help us in releasing the issue at the designated time. ... We hope that your articles will help us in the growth of our Journal and kindly follow the below link for online submission ... .
Also, we request you to submit your manuscript by Feb 5th, 2017 to enable swift process of peer review and publication. Kindly acknowledge this email receipt within 24 hours. Await your prompt response. Kind Regards, Monica Kathryn, Assistant Managing Editor, Vaccines & Vaccination Open Access (VVOA, MedWin Publishers
On 2/21/17, Monica sent the same email modified only to propose March 15, 2017, for "swift process of peer review and publication" in the vaccine journal. I asked if this journal would interested in "a paper reporting that I still got some colds after being vaccinated against the flu." Monica replied, "We are glad with your positive response towards our journal. As time being an important factor towards the issue release. We request you to submit your valuable manuscript as soon as possible." The full correspondence appears on a page of its own.


  1. I got a similar email from Medwin for 'associate editor' for Petroleum & Petrochemical Engineering Journal (PPEJ). So, I thought of looking some online review about Medwin and found your article. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am not going to respond them.

  2. Reviewed a paper for PPEJ, which was written in atrocious English. Subsequently, i was invited to be an honorable member of the editorial board by Carol. Oh well, I would have declined anyway, but this post made it easy.

  3. Never agree to assist any journal in any way unless you have direct 1st-hand knowledge that it is 'kosher' from a colleague you trust. 3rd-rate journals are destroying science