Saturday, January 28, 2017

Scientific Research Publishing Inc. (SCIRP)

From Wikipedia (7/15/16): [I]ts journals duplicated papers which had already been published elsewhere, without notification of or permission from the original author and of the copyright holder. ... Some of the journals had listed academics on their editorial boards without their permission or even knowledge, sometimes in fields very different from their own. [O]ne of its journals ... accepted a paper written by a random text generator.
Psychology (PSYCH)
PSYCH's website (7/15/16) defines the relevant areas, which include "National Psychology," "Traffic Psychology," "Scientific Psychology," and "Other." It lists Prof. Peter Walla, University of Newcastle, Australia, as the editor. The US members of the editor board as listed are
Dr. Matthew C. Costello, Indiana University South Bend
Dr. Jay R. Elliott, Yale University
Dr. Thomas Vincent Frederick, California Baptist University
Prof. Jay Friedenberg, Manhattan College
Dr. David M. Goodman, Harvard Medical School
Dr. Hong Jiao, University of Maryland
Dr. Michelle Y. Kibby, Southern Illinois University
Prof. Kenneth A. Kiewra, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Prof. Beth Kurtz-Costes, University of North Carolina
Prof. Tim F. McLaughlin, Gonzaga University
Dr. John T. Mitchell, Duke University
Dr. Jennifer Kim Plybon Penberthy, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Dr. Massimiliano Versace, Boston University
Dr. Berney J. Wilkinson, Webster International University
Dr. Patricia Gail Williams, University of Louisville
  • 7/15/16: Dear David H. Kaye, You are cordially invited to submit or recommend articles to Psychology (PSYCH, ISSN Print: 2152-7180), which is an international academic journal devoted to the publication of original contributions in relevant areas. ... Best regards, Ms. Ray Wong (Editorial Assistant), PSYCH Editorial Office, E-mail:
  • 7/21/16: Dear David H. Kaye, The Creative Education (CE), a peer-reviewed open-access journal, is seeking papers for the upcoming special issue on "Critical Pedagogy and Critical Thinking Research". We would like to invite you to submit or recommend original research papers to this issue through our Paper Submission System.Best regards, Dr. Cathy H. Qi (University of New Mexico, USA), Editor-in-Chief, E-mail:
  • 8/31/16: In view of your valuable publications in academic circle, we hereby invite you to submit your current scientific manuscripts to "Open Journal of Ophthalmology" (OJOph, ISSN Online: 2165-7416), a peer-reviewed open-access journal.
  • 12/16/16: Dear David H. Kaye, This e-mail is sent from Food and Nutrition Sciences (FNS). We are very interested in your study [even though you have never written anything on food and nutrition sciences]. If you have unpublished papers in hand and have the idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please feel free to submit your manuscripts ... Best regards, Prof. Alessandra Bordoni (Editor-in-Chief), FNS Editorial Office; E-mail:
  • 1/27/17: Dear David H. Kaye, Open Journal of Statistics (OJS, 2161-7198) is seeking papers for the upcoming special issue on "Design of experiments". We would like to invite you to submit papers to this issue through our Paper Submission System. ... Best regards, Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Qihua Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), OJS Editorial Office, E-mail:, Principal Place of Business: Building 5, Headquarters Space of Optical Valley, Tangxun Lake North Road #38, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan 430223, Hubei Province, China. For ease of communication: Scientific Research Publishing Inc., P. O. BOX 54821, Irvine CA 92619-4821, USA.

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