Genesis and Nature of This Blog

This blog is an offshoot of Forensic Science, Statistics & the Law. Two of the most popular postings were lists of flaky academic journals and conferences and correspondence with some of them. The criteria for inclusion on the lists are unsolicited email to me, indications of shady practices or possible incompetence in the subject areas, and reports on other websites such as Beall's list. The burgeoning length of the lists and supporting information made them unwieldy, so I decided they merited separate blogs that could be more readily updated and searched. (21 Dec. 2016)
Postings are not limited to journal publishers. They also include book publishers who spam for potential authors. Not all the journal and book publishers discussed in these pages are "predatory." Rather than assign that label, I list or highlight verifiable facts about the publishers or publications that authors might wish to consider. Over time, some of these facts may become dated. Corrections and new information are welcome. (10 August 2018)

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