Saturday, January 28, 2017

Science Publishing Group (SciencePG)

SciencePG is one of the most brazen predatory publishers.
  • The American Journal of Modern Physics has no editor listed, and the four-member editorial board of this "American Journal" hail from the Sudan, India, Russia, and the Ukraine. The published titles include "Modification of Einstein's E= mc2 to E =1/22 mc2/".
  • The American Journal of Applied Mathematics has no American editors or reviewers and sports articles such as "Mathematical Proof of the Law of Karma."
  • The European Journal of Biophysics has no one from Europe on the editorial board, but its board members and four peer reviewers supposedly include Khyati Dave, Department of Biodesign, Stanford University, and Peng Zou, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University.
See also;; ("I pointed out that my field is Ecology & Ethology, which none of their 'journals' covers. They wrote back offering to create that journal and make me editor in chief.").
  • 5/19/16: Dear Professor/Researcher, Learned that you have made research findings in your research field, we now cordially invite all the scholars, experts and researchers to submit your papers to our journals and to enjoy the fast publication, which will also help you make more achievements.
  • 9/26/16, from Dear Dear Scholar/Author, [W]e now sincerely invite you to propose a Special Issue related to the fields of social science, economics, management, education and linguistics as a Lead Guest Editor in our platform. Enjoy for your rest papers in Special Issue. Get one hard copy of your Special Issue when the Special Issue is finished successfully (if you need).
  • 10/4/16, from Dear Author, With your witness of our development and rapid growth in recent years, we have obtained widespread attentions and supports from you respected authors, experts and researchers from all over the world. Now we welcome you to be our editorial member or reviewer of our academic journals in the fields of social science, education and economics. Become Editorial Member. This work can offer you a better way to create your identity as a famed specialist in your field. Thus it may lead to increasing invitations to speak at conferences or demand for invited research of your specialized area. Become Reviewer. As our reviewer, it opens doors to incredible opportunities for you. Review works will improve your knowledge of professional standards; and quickly earn the reputation among your peers.
  • On 11/10/16, sent much the same invitation with a list of "Some Commendatory Journals" and holding the tantalizingly obscure possibility that "If you make great contribution to our journal and you want to submit paper, we may consider giving you a special offer for paper publication
  • 11/13/16, from Dear Researcher or Scholar, [E]njoy the new activity for article publication from November 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017. ... One paper submitted ... can be published without publishing fee. ... More than 10000 papers have already been published online in our platform. ... [O]ur platform offer you author the opportunity of fast publication. We can publish a paper with good quality in a period of 30-50 days.
  • 11/16/16, from Enjoy Privilege for Publishing Article
    Dear Researcher or Professor, ... We honestly ask you to submit your paper to newly launched journal in the fields of social science, economics, management and education and enjoy new activity for paper publishing before February 28th, 2017. ... For now, more than ten thousand papers have already been published online in our platform. ... For the sake of spread knowledge, and expand science and technology advancement, a quick publication procedure is now provided by our platform. Only in 30-50 days, paper with good quality can be published. ... [A]ll the papers published in our platform can be accessible by the public, which can gain high visibility.
  • 12/15/16, from Dear Scholar and Researcher, ... [N]ow we sincerely invite you to join us as an editorial member or a reviewer in our journals covering the disciplines of social science, economics, management, education and linguistics. ... Benefits ... 1. If you review papers submitted in our platform, your name will appear in our journal's editorial board website which provide a platform to let more people know you. 2. We will give you a special offer for paper publication, if you make great ontribution to our journal. 3. If your application for editorial member or reviewer is accepted, we can provide the certificate for you.
  • 1/25/17, from Renee ( Dear Author or Scholar,  How is everything? Our platform is an international academic publisher which publishes open access, online, peer-reviewed journals. A paper submitted before Feb. 28, 2017 in the recommended new journal can be published without fee. Our recommended new journals cover a wide range of academic disciplines. Here are some of the recommended new journals: ... American Journal of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, International Journal of Dual Diagnosis. If you are not interested in our new journals, you can check our other journals. ... Published Paper: Many Infectious Human Diseases Can be Arrested with Oxygen; Author: Delik D. Gabaev ... Sincerely,  Susan Jones, Editorial Assistant. [The email avoids mentioning that SciencePG is the publisher.]

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