Saturday, February 15, 2020

Raft publications "aspire to publish"

Janine Paynter, a Research Fellow at the University of Auckland, called my attention to Raft Publications. Raft's motto is "reciprocal approach for transformation." The About Us page explains Raft's vision in these terms: "To asset international benchmark by encouraging distinguished research work, through use our best technology, resources and our dedication to research community." In addition, the Our Journals page explains that "RAFT publications aspire to publish manuscripts ... with 40+ international peer reviewed journals. ... Our passion ... droves us to publish our journals through open access mode ... ."

Raft accurately remarks that "We accept all types of manuscripts ... ." Janine notes that Raft's content includes papers "such as 'Prostate cancer cured in a week by machine without side effects.'"

The address for the US editorial office (19645 N 31st Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027) seems to be an apartment house in Arizona. A tenant wrote to Yelp that "I have paper towels in the cracks and towels on the bottom of the doors to keep the bees out. ...Please look else where before coming here!!!! ... HORRIBLE! Zero care for their residents. Do not put your child at risk." Oddly, Raft's phone number for "any queries" has a San Diego prefix (+1 858 376 7260). The domain was registered by Contact Privacy, Inc., of Canada. Searching Google for the website returns the following blurb after the domain name: "Country: Iran, Islamic Republic of. You can also send us an email ... ."

Thursday, December 26, 2019

From Science PG's Science Journal of Education

A discussion of SciencePG and several of its journals is in a posting from January 2017. The following email is from its Science Journal of Education:
  • From: J Editor []
    Date: December 25, 2019 10:29 PM ET
    Subject: Dear Kaye, DH: A Special Issue: A Collection of Ideas in the Field of Special education
    Dear Kaye, DH, Greetings. The special issue named Inclusion of People with Intellectual Disabilities in Laboral Activities: A Work Customization Program under Science Journal of Education was proposed with the joint efforts of the lead guest editor Annie Redig and guest editors. This is a good open platform for the academic community to disseminate research achievements and accomplishments. With this special issue, they intend to bring academic peers together to exchange and share their academic experience and research findings on all aspects of Special education. As a member of the academic community, if you have any new discovery, be sure to convey your ideas and experiences to more academic peers. Your dedication will have significant meaning to the scientific community.
    Submit Your Article
    New insights as well as basic research and analysis on the topics below are welcome. Some of the topics of interest are: Laboral Activities ... .
    Deadline for contribution: November 25, 2019.[← Submitting on time will require time travel] ... We expect to receive your submission. [← Not very likely]
    Yours cordially,
    Amelia Ford

Friday, November 8, 2019

Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research Is for the Craving Readers

Although the ISSN entry for the Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research identifies it as a US publication, its mangled management of the English language suggests otherwise. The website describes the goal of this journal's "publishers" as follows:
The only motto of Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research (BJSTR) Publishers is accelerating the scientific and technical research papers, considering the importance of technology and the human health in the advanced levels and several emergency medical and clinical issues associated with it, the key attention is given towards biomedical research. Thus, asserting the requirement of a common evoked and enriched information sharing platform for the craving readers.

BJSTR is such a unique platform to accumulate and publicize scientific knowledge on science and related discipline. This multidisciplinary open access publisher is rendering a global podium for the professors, academicians, researchers and students of the relevant disciplines to share their scientific excellence in the form of an original research article, review article, case reports, short communication, e-books, video articles, etc.

BJSTR Publishers are self supporting, with no dependency on any other external sources (like universities, centers) for funds and strives for the best and enhanced quality publications competes the world wide open access publishing market.

We always rely on the support from the members of our BJSTR family that is relevantly our Authors, Editorial Committee members, advisory board, Reviewers Board and all the technical support teams all over the globe. We trust in the reciprocated coordination and cooperation in terms of sharing the scientific knowledge of individuals and Groups of Research centers/areas will in turn educates and provokes in advanced researches. In this case we would like to act as a media that anchors in the transformation of information in the form of global online publication.
With writing like this, the absence of "dependency on any ... external sources (like universities, centers) for fund" is understandable. So is the fact that the journal is not in the National Library of Medicine collection and not indexed for Medline. In fact, when one researcher "submitted a string of machine-generated nonsense" entitled "The Expression of the Proper-Name Effect Reinforces the Disarticulation ofCommunicative [sic] Rationality," the article was "quickly accepted after scrupulous peer review." Evidently, the editors did not notice that the author was Harold E. Potter of the Institute of Improbabilistics, University of Bogus, UK. An author posting on Researchgate reports that when he declined to pay the $600 fee, the journal dropped the price to $99.

Wisely, the publishers do not reveal their identities. The domain name in the email is registered to a privacy service. The contact information on the website is Biomedical Research Network+, LLC, 1 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 300, one Westchester, IL 60154, USA +1 (720) 414-3554 Fax - (720) 367-5187 The registrant of provides the same physical address along with the name Biomedical Research Network + LLC and email URL of The Westbrook Corporate Center is a property with "virtual office" space on sale for as little as $2 a day.
From the Editorial office []
Sent: Friday, November 8, 2019 2:35 AM
Subject: Eminent Article Dear Dr. DH Kaye
Dear Dr. DH Kaye,
Start each day with a grateful heart.
The purpose of this email is to inform you that we need your support for releasing our upcoming issue by submitting one article to our Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research with (ISSN: 2574-1241) Impact Factor 0.548.
Can we expect your article before 19th November? ← I don't think so.
If this is a short notice please do send an opinion or mini review or case report by next weekend, we hope that a minimum of 2-page article isnt time taken for an eminent author like you.
Await your promising response.
Lacey Dickson

Friday, September 13, 2019

Google Objects to the Posting of Information on Flaky Journals

According to Google, this blog contains "derogatory or dangerous content":
In the last 24 hours:

  • New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found. To resolve the issues, you can either remove the violating content and request a review, or remove the ad code from the violating pages.

Further details on enforcements can be found in the AdSense Help Center. To learn more about our program policies, please view the AdSense Program Policies.

Kind regards,
Google Publisher Policy
Google defines "derogatory or dangerous comment" as anything that:
  • Threatens or advocates for physical or mental harm on oneself or others;
  • Harasses, intimidates or bullies an individual or group of individuals;
  • Incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.
Examples include:
  • Threatening someone with real-life harm or calling for the attack of another person
  • Advocating suicide, anorexia, or other self-harm
  • Content that promotes or advocates for harmful health or medical claims or practices
  • Content that singles out someone for abuse or harassment
  • Content promoting, glorifying, or condoning violence against others on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization
  • Content that encourages others to believe that a person or group is inhuman, inferior, or worthy of being hated on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization
  • Content promoting hate groups or hate group paraphernalia.
  • Content that suggests a tragic event did not happen, or that victims or their families are actors, or complicit in a cover-up of the event.
  • Content made by or in support of terrorist groups or content that promotes terrorist acts, including recruitment, or that celebrates terrorist attacks.
The page that Google marked as offending this policy is a factual posting on Avid Science.This is the second time Google has objected to postings on flaky academic journals.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Coalesce Research Group Aims to "Create Ideal Platform for Scientific Community"

Coalesce Research Group ( aims "to create ideal platform for scientific community in which providing free access to all the new research through our international standard journals globally without any restrictions." The About Us page begins with this mouthful:
Coalesce Research Group is an USA based emerging open access publisher and International Conference Event organizer which owe to serve the scientific community by serving the high quality genuine research work from eminent scientists, professors, scientific research communities in all fields of medicine, clinical, life science, engineering and technology to the Research Scholars, Students, Libraries, Educational Institutions, Research centers and industries with the aim of "Enhance your Research" in the respective fields.
Plainly, one has to wonder what "an USA based" means. Does "USA based" mean a physical presence in the US? Coalesce purports to be located at 33 Market Point Dr, Greenville, SC 29607, USA, +1-718-543-9362. Flagship Commercial rents virtual offices there. For $99 a month, you get "Flex Space, Lounge, Live Receptionist, Mailing Address and Collection, Wi-fi, Access (8:30-5:00), Coffee, and Access to printer/copier/scan/fax. Conference Rooms and Day Offices at $15 hour." Whoever is behind the website registered the Coalesce domain name through Godaddy's Domains By Proxy. The only editorial board listed on the website has no U.S. members.

[UPDATE 30 August 2019: As "Smut Clyde" comments below, the profiles of key employees on Linked In indicate that Coalesce is operating from Hyderabad. Akhil Srikanth, the company's "Social Media Executive" came to Coalesce from "OMICS International Conference," where he was "Business Development Executive."]

The journals do not yet exist -- at least, not if a journal is a collection of articles released in distinct issues and volumes. There are journal pages within the one website. These include "Guidelines Instructions for Authors" and a tab for "issues" that has a drop-down menu of "Articles in Press," "Current Issue," and "Archive." The titles of the journals are "International Journal Of Psychological Research And Medicine," "Modern Journal Of Medicine And Biology," "Journal Of Neurological Studies," and the "Journal Of Public Health Care." The first three have no editor, no editorial board, and no articles. The fourth has an editorial board (without an editor in chief) and one article in press, from authors in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Lorestan University, Khoramabad, Iran. This article acknowledges that "[t]he results described in this paper were part of student thesis."

The Flaky Academic Conferences blog has some information on Coalesce's conference spam.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

"The New American Journal of Medicine" May Be New But Is It American?

Yesterday's spam included a solicitation from a journal with no publisher, no address other than "USA," and no link to a website. The New American Journal of Medicine is not to be confused with The American Journal of Medicine, established in 1946 and now published by Elsevier for the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine.

So far, The New American Journal has four papers posted on the website No, make that three -- the fourth link returns a Page Not Found error. The three are from China. The Editor-in-Chief is said to be "Binglin ZHU, MD, PhD, University at Buffalo USA." None of the 49 alleged editorial board members are in the U.S. The instructions for authors begin "The document needs to be prepared in English language."

The New American Journal seems to be linked to United Prime Publications and Universal Access Publications ( domain name is registered to Yruva Williams and the organization named "Nevada" with the email url and address 500 N. Rainbow Blvd, Suite 300, Las Vegas NV, and telephone 775-515-7689. That address and telephone is used by United Prime and Universal Access. Yruva owns the domain names of dozens of their journals.'s registration data is obscured, but the website's pretense at contact information is a sufficient giveaway. It says, "Get In Touch: Las Vegas, Nevada 89107 USA +1 7755157689."

  • From: The New American Journal of Medicine []
    Date: 8 August 2019
    Subject: We invite you to submit a manuscript to the journal - The New American Journal of Medicine
    Dear. Professor,
    Warm Greetings….! It would be our pleasure to invite you to submit a manuscript we’ll accept any kind of manuscript [← That I can believe] either short/full length article.
    Hope you will definitely accept this invitation without denying it. [← Can I accept and deny?]
    Waiting for your valuable submission. [← Given my knowledge of medicine, this will be a long wait.]
    Best Regards,
    Editorial Manager
    The New American Journal of Medicine USA
  • From: The New American Journal of Medicine []
    Date: 22 Aug 2019 2:06 AM [and 23Aug]
    Subject: It will be our honor to accept your manuscript - The New American Journal of Medicine
    Dear. Professor,
    Warmest Greetings…!
    It would be our pleasure to invite you to submit a manuscript we’ll accept any kind of manuscript either short/full length article. Hope you will definitely accept this invitation without denying it. Waiting for your valuable submission.
    Best Regards,
    Editorial Manager
    The New American Journal of Medicine USA
  • From: The New American Journal of Medicine []
    Date: 24 Aug 2019
    Subject: This is an invitation you to submit a manuscript to the journal "The New American Journal of Medicine"
    Dear. Professor,
    Greetings from Andrea...! We tried several times for full length manuscripts, but there is no response from your side, we would like to contact you again for short submissions.
    Therefore, we kindly request you to submit 2 Pages Editorial or 150 words Clinical Image or Letter to Editor on your current research work for this kind issue of our journal.
    Kindly submit your manuscript as an email attachment.
    We look forward to receive your manuscript submission.
    Editorial Manager
    The New American Journal of Medicine USA
    Unsubscribe me from this list
  • From: The New American Journal of Medicine []
    Date: 29 Aug 2019 7:00 AM
    Subject: Here we invite you to submit a paper to the journal "The New American Journal of Medicine"
    [Same email as on 8/8/19]

JScholar's Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies (JFRCS)

JScholar's Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies (JFRCS) promises "maintaining rigorous peer-review process." A competent academic journal would use referees to suggest improvements in most articles they recommend for acceptance, but the JFRCS reviewers need not spend much time on that because "All accepted papers will be appeared online immediately" and online is the only mode of publication. Instant publication also helps lighten the editors' workload.

The latest article has such mysterious keywords as "Stranger Legal System" and "Frayed Punishment." For the curious, here is the abstract:
This article is based after prolong research on the subject matter whether the doctrine of incremental punishment is practicable. The pathetic case of Aruna Shanbag has been taken as the central theme of the research. The Doctrine of Double Principle looks all right till such time cases of this nature confront us. And such incidences are on the rise. The responsible society cannot look the other day and wish that such nagging questions may fade away. Not any longer. The idea of Doctrine of Incremental Punishment is being raised which may be applicable in grievous and dangerous hurt particularly when this has far-reaching effect on the victim.
Thank goodness for "rigorous peer-review process."

The cost for the privilege of having work posted in this journal is $777. The institution supplying the most papers so far is the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science at the University of New Haven. Need I mention that Dr. Lee is on the editorial board? The college  has provided 43% of the 44 pages that comprise the three slim "volumes." An issue -- indeed, an entire volume -- can consist of a single paper. Some volumes are single issues.

The editorial board members are (grouped by country and institutional affiliation):
Henry C. Lee, Distinguished Chair Professor, University of New Haven, Founder, Henry Lee Institute of Forensic Science, Director, Forensic Research & Training Center
Heather Miller Coyle, Associate Professor, Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences, [University of New Haven], USA
Timothy M. Palmbach, Chair & Assoc. Professor, Forensic Science Department, University of New Haven, USA
Steven L. Castiglione, Assistant Professor, University of New Haven, USA
Peter R. Valentin, Lecturer, University of New Haven, USA

Robert Allen, Professor of Forensic Science and Chairman, Oklahoma State University
Tom Glass, Professor, Oklahoma State University, USA
Ronald Ray Thrasher, Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, USA

Wayne D. Lord, Professor, University of Central Oklahoma, W. Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute, USA
Mark R. McCoy, Associate Professor, University of Central Oklahoma, USA

Charisse T.M. Coston, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA⊘ Anthony P. DeCaprio, Associate Professor, Florida International University, USA
Duane Dukes, Director, John Carroll University, USA
Christopher Schubert Dunn, Associate Professor, Bowling Green State University, USA
Kimberley Garth-James, MPA Program Director, ColumbiaSouthern Univ. And VAG, US Sentencing Commission, USA
Michael Hooper, Adjunct Professor, Sonoma State University, USA
Richard Li, Associate Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA
Phoebe Morgan, Professor, Northern Arizona University, USA⊘ Mary Noe, Professor, St. John’s University, USA
Tony R. Smith, Associate Professor, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA
Patrick J. Solar, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
David J. Thomas, Associate Professor, Gulf Coast University, USA
Xu Zeng, Associate Professor, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Denny Crouch, Utah Toxicology ­ Expert Services, USA
Steven A Koehler, Director, Forensic Medical Investigations, LLC, USA

Igor Bernik, Assistant Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Branko Lobnikar, Associate Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Darko Maver, Professor, University of Maribor, Slovenia

David Joubert, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, Canada
Arlene Kent-Wilkinson, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Jonathan Doak, Professor, Durham University, UK
Jessica Chi-mei Li, Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Roghieh Nooripour, Lecturer, Al-Zahra University, Iran

Guan Tay, Associate Professor, The University of Western Australia, Australia
  • From: Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies []
    Date: 5 July 2019
    Subject: Followup mail on Your Article Submission JFRCS Vol 3 Issue 2
    Dear Dr. David H Kaye
    Greeting from Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies..!! In the previous mail we introduced you about the "Journal of Forensic Research and Crime Studies" for article submission. Hope you have gone through it. But we did not receive any response from you. As we aware of your busy schedule in this field, once again we are contacting you to know your decision about the manuscript submission. JFRCS is accepting manuscripts for its upcoming edition Volume 3, Issue 2. We are writing this proposal to endorse your research in the particular field. ...
    All the published articles get indexed in internationally recognized open access repositories considered appropriate for the subject. After publication, article will be assigned with DOI number and will be indexed in Googlescholar,DOAJ and cite factor. If your article is funded by NIH, it will be indexed in PUBMED within a month after publication.
    Kindly respond for this mail at your earliest convenience.
    With Best Regards
    Editorial team
    Jscholar Publishers
    You are receiving this email because of your [non-existent] relationship with the sender.
  • From: Forensic Studies []
    Date: 23 Aug 2019 6:21 AM
    Subject: Research manuscript submission
    Dear Dr. David H. Kaye,
    Warm greetings! Journal of Forensic and Crime Studies (JFCS) is open access, an international peer-review journal, which encourages researchers, scholars, etc., to publish their research articles, reviews, opinion, short communications etc., in its publications. We are happy to announce that JFCS is seeking articles in the fields of Forensic Studies from scholars to publish in the journal. Hence, we invite you to submit your latest research works or manuscripts towards the journal. Please submit your manuscript here
    We look forward to your positive response. Thanks
    With Best Regards
    Wilson Kelly
    Associate Managing Editor 
  • From: Forensic Studies []
    Date: Mon 30 Sept 2019 3:44 PM
    Subject: Invitation for manuscript publication
    Dear Dr. David H. Kaye,
    Warm greetings! We gladly invite you to submit your article to Journal of Forensic and Crime Studies (JFCS) which aims to be a medium to publish research work like reviews, short communications, etc., in all aspects of Forensic Science. We are seeking manuscripts for publication which can be a source for researchers, scholars and all scientific professional’s, who can be benefited from the treasure of knowledge.
    The submitted papers will be reviewed by our referees. We publish the articles in different formats like PDF, full-text. Accepted articles will be available online within 24 hours. [The referees must work at light-speed.]  JFCS maintains confidentiality, consent and research ethics. Submit your final paper here ... . If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    With Best Regards
    Wilson Kelly
    Associate Managing Editor