Monday, December 26, 2016

How Scitech Central Fakes a U.S. Address

Ironically, Scitech Central posted a comment -- no, an advertisement -- on the blog Forensic Science, Statistics and the Law. That -- and the content of its website -- earns it a place here. Many of the brands with "Central" in the name are OMICS in disguise, but this one could be an independent voice in the cacophony of pseudo-journals.

It is hard to know, inasmuch as Scitech Central uses a virtual post office in the US rather than its true address. The putative address on its website (12/26/16) is "SciTech Central Inc., 340 S Lemon Ave # 2725, Walnut, CA 91789, United States." The 340 S. Lemon Ave.  address is that of a company that sells an "Online Postal Mailbox" to "View Postal Mail Online. Anytime. Anywhere."
Get a real US address to receive postal mail. View your mail online without forwarding. Manage your postal mail no matter where you live.
Mail sent to the above address goes to Virtual Post Mail's building, and "your mail will not ship out of our facility, it'll simply be held at our warehouse until you pick it up."

There are lots of other telltale signs of flakiness. Among the frequently asked questions for SciTech Central is "How to find out if the particular journal exists?" (Answer: "use the search option.") Scitech Central is "inviting everyone to ... understand our motto." I am working on that, but I have not yet plumbed the depths of the slogan, "a quantum to research."
Also from its website (12/26/16):
  • established with a sole motive to disseminate knowledge, bring awareness and provide a good quality literature to the developing world
  • an amalgamation of great researchers and scholars who are constantly working for the betterment of human race with their dedication in research
  • To avail the scientists with all its support in the said cause, SciTech Central is accelerating ahead to become one of the leading service providers in Open Access Publications consisting a wide range of International Academic Journals.
  • We are inviting everyone to ... experience the rewards of advanced technologies without much pressure of cost on your side so that you’ll not regret in having to choose, or to be with us.
  • As our tagline says, “quantum to research” we are moving ahead with a great acceleration of 21st century and the vast global research scenario to ensure maximize distribution of enhanced developments to the world and the entire scientific community.
But it may difficult to "maximize distribution of enhanced developments" when eight journals have no named editors.
The other editors with "USA" in their affiliations, are
  • Stem Cell Research & Therapeutics: Prof. Paul J. Higgins, Albany Medical College, Albany, NY
  • Jpurnal of Cancer Science & Treatment: Prof. Min Li, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
  • Food & Nutrition: Current Research: Prof. Dr. Lu Qi, Adjunct Professor, Peking University, Beijing; Associate Professor of Medicine Medicine [sic] Harvard Medical School (HMS); Boston, MA
  • Journal of Pharmaceutics and Drug Research: Prof. Ke-He Ruan, University of Texas Graduate School at Houston, Houston, TX
  • Journal of Immunology Research and Therapy: Prof. Xue-Zhong Yu, Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)
  • Journal of Chemical Science and Engineering: Dr. A. Heidari, California South University
Apparently, Scitech Central was feeling left out. It came to my attention by trying to post a slew of advertisements in the guise of comments on postings about other publishers. They begin "Great post.This article is really very interesting and effective.I think its must be helpful for us." Then the comments give links to their journals.

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  1. They spammed my blog too, even though it's been inactive for more than five years. According to whois, the Scitech Central website is owned by a guy called Naveen Ramineni, a self-described website designer in Hyderabad, India. Who'd have thunk it?

    I also note that they share their corporate headquarters in Walnut CA with a whole range of interesting if somewhat aspirational enterprises, including a would-be "adult personal services" broker High Heelz Entertainment. Their board meetings must be a hoot.

    If they are following the standard business model of predatory open access publishing, their "editors" are probably real academics who have no idea that their names and photos have been stolen off the net.