Saturday, March 31, 2018

Who Put the "American" in "American Research Journals"?

According to the American Research Journal of Genetics, “[g]enetics is theoriginal [sic] study of all aspects of human and animal genetics ... .” Oh well, I never cared for plant genetics anyway. The named editors include “Dr. Niels Morling, MD, DMSc, Professor of Forensic Genetics, Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.” Although the website reports no articles in press and no editor-in-chief, it assures us that “the current issue edition will be published shortly.”

The American Journal of Nanotechnology is in the same boat — no articles in press, and no editor-in-chief. Yet, it too maintains that “the current issue edition will be published shortly We highly appreciate and encourage the Professors, Research scholars, Students, Research fellows etc, to globally publish their articles in our Journal.”

The American Research Journal of Mathematics has no articles in press, but it has a couple of past issues.

The non-US affiliations of most of the editors of these “American Research Journals” invite the question of where the American part comes from. An About Us webpage states that "[w]hile ARJ caters to authors from all around the world, its American roots are not to be forgotten." It (conveniently?) omits any mention of what those roots are, but it is good to know that ARJ is "[w]orking towards a brighter future in terms of creative, qualitative and quantitative research" and that "[t]he organization motivates its members towards achieving a vision of 'Total Egalitarian Research'."

A webpage on “membership” amusingly—or candidly—refers to “reputed Editorial Board members.” It tells us that “[a]ll submissions are reviewed by a panel of reputed Editorial Board members from many international locations worldwide.” It would be hard to find many members in international locations outside of this world, but the nanotechnology journal lists some editors from NASA, so who knows?

The US addresses for the reputed publisher could be bogus. The “Arkansas Office” at “1120 S Walton Blvd, Suite 138 Bentonville, Arkansas” is in a hotel and spa. but the South Walton Suites and Spa does provide “office units beginning at 750 square feet.” The “Chicago Office” (at “8770 West Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 1300 Chicago, Illinois - 60631-3515, USA”) could be one the “[v]irtual offices and addresses in O'Hare Airport” supplied by the Regus Company. The domain name does not lead to the names or locations of the real people behind the 54 journals—just to the firm Privacy Protect, LLC (, 10 Corporate Drive, Burlington, Massachusetts.
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