Friday, March 23, 2018

Scientific Advances Publishers (SAP)

To its credit, Scientific Advances Publishers makes no effort to hide its location. But this "open access publisher" demands the copyright and spams at will. One has to wonder about the quality of the editing when a "FAQ's" page notes that "SAP journals decide to adjust the article processing charges since January 1, 2015 so as to make it more fairness and rationality."

And what is the point of publishing three journals -- a Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Advances and Applications, a Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics: Advances and Applications, and a Journal of Statistics: Advances in Theory and Applications -- when the first one alone "is devoted to the publication of articles of current interest in the field of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Application"?
  • From:
    Sent: Fri 3/23/2018 9:20 AM
    Subject: Call for Papers - Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Advances and Applications
    ... The SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES PUBLISHERS invites original research papers and critical survey articles for consideration of possible publication in its established journal namely the Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Advances and Applications. The journal is devoted to the publication of articles of current interest in the field of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Application. The Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Advances and Applications is published in six volumes annually and each volume consists of one issue in the January, March, May, July, September and November. I am happy to inform you that the March issue of Volume 50 (2018) of the JMSAA is in circulation. [That is hard to believe, since the volume that is allegedly circulating consists of a single article that cannot be downloaded and does not display an abstract.] ...
    As per present policy papers received for consideration of publication are processed immediately and members of the Editorial Board and the referees are requested to arrive at a decision on a paper within three months and in case of a clear recommendation for publication an effort to accommodate the paper in the forthcoming issue of the journal is made.
    To defray the publication cost authors of accepted papers are requested to arrange page charges of their papers at the rate of USD 25 per page for USA and Canada, and EURO 20 per page for rest of the world from their institutions/research grants, if any. However, for authors in India this charge is Rs. 800.00 per page. Contributors will receive twenty-five reprints of their papers ex-gratis. Authors may order offprints of articles prior to publication.
    With above background, it is a pleasure for me to request you to contribute papers of your interest for possible publication in the Journal of Mathematical Sciences: Advances and Applications and to promote our journals among your fellow-workers and colleagues.
    With kind regards,
    Yours sincerely
    Chief Executive Officer, Scientific Advances Publishers, 71/52 Bhusoli Tola, Khuldabad, Allahabad 211 006 (INDIA),,


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