Monday, April 2, 2018

Pegasi Media Group's Parasitic Spam

This posting is not directed at a publisher -- flaky, predatory, or otherwise. Its subject is Pegasi Media Group. The group seems to sell specialized email lists to spammers. Like a parasite, it advertise these lists through thinly disguised comments in blogs. (The ones I purged from this blog are at the end of this posting.)

The firm's prose is reminiscent of some flaky journals. The webpage on "Our Obligations" includes the following promise about "Integrity and Clarity":
Transparent in our business, transactions and honest in our research studies. As clarity is one of the major issues that prick the minds of both website owners and customers, we assure you that we are transparent and honest with our work. We do not keep our customers or clients in the dark but make them aware of every progress.
For all this talk of transparency, the individuals behind Pegasi and the location of the firm are hidden by But Pegasi is correct about one thing:
Unfortunately in today's world of marketing, it usually is hard to find ethical people when it comes to work ... [S]taff motivation and positivity in the internal environment of the organization is as important as the good health of the external environment ... .

The comment-spam follows:
Beautifully written article! You have covered all the points. The language that is used is very easy to understand. Whatever is mentioned in this article is absolutely correct and realistic. Pegasi Media Group provides you the precise, apt, and the most accurate email list pertaining the industries that you wish to target. Our services provide you the customer's additional information which gives you a clear insight about their requirements. We perform a stringent process to verify and validate the customer information that is gathered from the trusted sources. That is the reason why we are the most preferred database vendors worldwide.
Medical Oncology Specialists Email List on Internal Medicine Review

The article is well-written, well-framed and very much informative. A lot more can be learned from this write-up. Pegasi Media Group is the world’s leading database vendor that provides you the email list that you want. It is a well-reputed database vendor in the market or industry. The organizations all over the world prefer to work with Pegasi Media Group to expand their businesses. The organizations that are working with us are very much delighted with our services. We aim at rendering best services to our clients. For further information, or to give your suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Internal Medicine Email List on Internal Medicine Revie
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