Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Donnish Journals

Donnish Journals has no address on its website or in its "journals." The person or people behind them cannot be found in the registration data for the domain donnishjournals.com (thanks to GoDaddy.com).

Looking into the Donnish Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution, one finds (5/29/18) highly sporadic "issues" usually consisting of single articles of about ten pages. The journal has no editor-in-chief, and as of May 29, 2018, "[a] detailed list of Editors, Associate Editors and Editorial team will be available shortly." All submissions "are made to undergo sectioning" -- which sounds ominous. "Thereafter they are double-blindedly peer-reviewed ... ." Authors can rest assured that "[m]ore than 100 reviewers are working diligently to shorten the review cycle of the academic research publication; and help researchers to pay more attention on the research itself, not waiting for too long, for suggestions from reviewers." They also are informed that "Manuscript submission and their accessibility is not an infringement of copyright." That's a relief.
  • From: Donnish Journals [mail@academicpublishing.online]
    To: dhanee121@gmail.com
    DEate: 5/26/18 at 10:08 AM
    Subject: Call for Paid Editors/Reviewers
    All articles published Donnish Journals are peer-reviewed. We are currently seeking qualified and outstanding researchers to join its editorial team as paid editors or reviewers. Send your resume as an email attachment to the respective journals provided below ....
    Best regards,
    Dr. Richard F.K.
    Donnish Journals
  • From: Donnish Journals
    To: dhalikia@yahoo.com
    Date: Oct 10 at 6:13 AM
    Subject: Call for Reviewers and Editors
    Donnish Journals is a Multidisciplinary international journal. We are seeking qualified and high profile researchers to join our editorial team as paid editors/reviewers. Send your resume/CV as an email attachment to your journal of interest from the [long] list provided below: ...
    Best regards,
    Clarke Anthony
    Donnish Journals


  1. Jeffrey's thoughts on Donnish Publishing:

    IIRC, the hustler behind Donnish and Pyrex journals is primarily running an "Academic proofreader" scam, promising to improve his customers' English enough to be publishable. The scam journals are just the cherry on his cake.

    The hustler goes by the name of Clinton Clark, of Nigeria.

  2. this is the email I got on 2018-9-26 - be aware of fraud: beware!!!

    The Donnish Journals recruiting office wishes to inform you that your
    application to become a paid reviewer in the journal listed below has
    been granted after a thorough consideration of your resume.

    Donnish Journal of Geology and Mining Research (DJGMR) ISSN: 2984-8733

    We are currently recruiting paid reviewers for all (50) of our journals.
    Accepted applicants will be paid 80 USD for every paper that is
    successfully reviewed. This recruiting exercise will take us 60 working
    days. This electronic mail serves as an acceptance letter to your

    However, to avoid degree fraud, accepted applicants are expected to send
    us electronic verification data (EVD) for their academic qualifications
    as contained in their resume. This can be obtained from any relevant
    agency that has partnership, access to institutional database or
    institutions for the verification of academic degrees/certifications. A
    good example is provided below:


    If hiring company's contact details are requested, you can provide this
    email address: contact@donnishjournals.org

    You will receive the reviewer's guide, official email account, terms and
    conditions as well as certificate of editorial membership after
    successful verification of your academic qualifications which must be
    completed within 7 business days. The journal will refund any fee paid
    for academic qualifications verification by accepted applicants along
    with their first payment, and this must not be more than 50 USD.