Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Biocore is on Beall's list of predatory journals, and it not hard to see why. Its web pages explain that:
⊘ "Biocore motto is to give the human era with better future. This can be achieved with our renowned editors, authors and reviewers with their exchanged views and knowledge."
⊘ "Biocore has been involved the knowledge on Science & technology to the access way of every individual."
⊘ "With the Open Access evolution, we are making the genuine and trustworthy contributions to the scientific environment without stopping the access to the readers for reading or even downloading the published papers/articles."
⊘ "[A]ll the eminent personalities can search our database."
⊘ "With the Editorial Board Members of 600, the number is increasing with the volume ... ."
And if you are interested in travel (to Dubai at least), "Biocore is going to conduct Scientific Conferences in near future for grouping all the eminent personalities in one lane." These "Scientific Conferences are conducting mail campaigns for getting the support from scientific societies to spread the open access culture." Translation: We are spamming you.

According to the website for BioCore Conferences (5/16/18), "Biocore group publishes 100+ Open Access Journals with over 10,000 renowned persons." The Biocore Journals homepage states that "Biocore Group hosts 30+ Open Access Scientific Journals." Whatever the exact number may be, they all seem to emanate, impressively, from an apartment at 3409 Grove Gate CT, APT-1712, Richmond-23233, Virginia.

The people behind the domain are hidden by a proxy registration. The Virginia address, according to homemetry is occupied by Jennifer M. Lappe, 804-934-0314.
International Journal of Criminal and Forensic Science

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