Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Scholarly Pages (previously The Scientific Pages?): "You can submit as you write"

All indicators are negative. The website text includes the following delicts:
⊘ "Scholarly Pages provide track for a variety of international scientific journals to access the latest updates in the interrelated fields”
⊘ “Each journal has the ... experts' team providing support and guidance ... to improvise the submitted papers ... .”
⊘ “Peer Reviewer carried out by the scholarly peers play a crucial role in ensuring the scientific integrity of the scholarly record entailed with us.”
⊘ “The individuality status and exertion habits of the lead editor play major roles in setting the editorial pitch.”
The Annals of Atoms and Molecules solicits papers on such topics as Bohr Model, Chemical Bonding Explained, and Formation. The entire journal consists of a five-page article from Hungary (László Nemes (2017) Carbon Vapor and Carbon Plasma Infrared Emission. Ann Atoms Molecules 1(1):1-5).

The publisher's alleged address is 1805 N Carson St, Carson City. Nevada. Zillo identifies that with “a single family home that contains 2,136 sq ft and was built in 2005.” It appears to be a mail drop used to provide an ersatz physical address to fraudulent and real businesses alike. See, e.g., IG MTP; Baktrak.

The domain schscipages.com is registered to the unlikely name of John David, V C L, 1805 N Carson Street, Suite S, Carson City, NV 89701, +1.3022940933, johndavid.ed1976@hotmail.com. Another one, scholarlypages.org, hides behind Privacy Protect, LLC, 10 Corporate Drive, Burlington MA.

The address and insipid logo match those of “The Scientific Pages launched [in 2016] with 65 worthless scholarly journals.” The new incarnation claims to have 114 journals. The generic spam to authors leaves it to them to guess which journal is soliciting their $655 payment (“[a]s per the annual board meeting held on April 01, 2018”).
  • From: Ryan Henry [publications@scholarlyj.org]
    Sent: Tue 4/24/2018 1:04 PM
    Subject: Invitation | Publication in May 2018 Issue

    Greetings from editorial staff of Scholarly Pages. Scholarly Pages is an international publisher hosting 114 open access peer-review journals. Our review team has reviewed your previous publications that are available online. Based on the analysis of your citation reports and summarizing your publications, we hereby would like to invite you to publish your paper in our scholarly journals which have readers across the globe. ... review - Within 10 days (we consider for fast track, if you have important results to publish) No need to go through the author guidelines to arrange the manuscript content. You can submit as you write. ... Please mail me for any further details.
    Ryan Henry,
    Editorial Associate, Journals, Scholarly Pages, Open Access to Science, Technology and Medical Research
    1805 N Carson Street, Suite S, Carson City, Nevada 89701


  1. thanks for the heads up on this - I was suspicious anyway but will now ignore them

  2. The same scammer or scammers seem to be behind other parasite publishers, with domains for ClinMed and "TheSciPages".

    I was looking for the man behind the curtain for ClinMedJournals, a.k.a. the "ClinMed International Library", and ended up here.

    Let's just say that Jeffrey Beall was not a fan.

  3. When the English on the front page of many of their journals is not perfect, you can already tell what kind of a "publisher" this is...