Monday, April 10, 2017

The Manuscripts of MedCrave

The MedCrave Publishing Group's About Us page contains the vacuous hyperbole typical of journals that are best avoided. Here we learn that MedCrave is
dedicated to make original valuable scientific content available freely to the global population. ... amazed by science and its wonderful forms and we now bring this beauty to you too. ... a collection of ... works of pure significance. ... relevant to science ... open for all interested members around the globe ... .
Not only that,but
The manuscripts of MedCrave have overcome all the barriers that lay in the way of knowledge.
With the insight of a Chinese fortune cookie, MedCrave "considers the will to tear up your ignorance as the best price you could pay" and gushes that "there is no best price for knowledge except the will to learn." As to what one might learn, well, it could be anything "from the traditional divisions to contemporary works."

It could even be a faux study of "uromycitisis poisoning" -- a disease created for an episode of Seinfeld -- submitted by a nonexistent "Arthur Vandelay Urological Research Institute" to MedCrave's Urology & Nephrology Open Access Journal. It took three days for the journal to complete its favorable peer review of an article with a references to nonexistent sources such as a putative New York Times report that "New Public Urination Passes Approved for Uromycitisis Sufferers." The author of the uromycitis article describes the incident in The Scientist (in a report by the article's author).

Medcrave considers itself "one of the finest Online Publishing Groups" and has a scrolling banner of "NIH funded and indexed articles." I clicked on three of them. None were published by MedCrave.

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