Saturday, April 29, 2017

2425 Publishers Is Delighted to Invite Me

Among the slogans scrolling on the website of 2425 Publishers (4/29/17) are the following:
⊗ Our aim is to maintain connectivity of science to all of our customers, researchers, students and professionals and enable them to ... burgeon.
⊗ We value a rich humanistic tradition.
⊗ Your vision is our dream & will give hope for a better future and work together for science.
⊗ Your success is our success.
⊗ Your money is our money. (Just kidding about this one.)
The About Us section explains that "2425 publishers cross-discipline's and platform to you for the support in research journey ... ." One journal, Clinica Press, "also emphasize on publishing the recent and current research findings to help the scientific community in its high class Journal." It adds that "We encourage quality submissions ... and thus with an aim of being to make it an high quality journal our team work for your success which is our motto ... ."

The website is hosted at a server in Tempe, Arizona (, that is said to be malicious. The domain name 2425PUBLISHERS.ORG was registered through by Prabhakara Kuna of Hyderabad, India,
From: 2425 Publishers []
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 1:42 PM
Subject: Editorial Board Invitation
Greetings! 2425 Publishers which provides information and support in research journey, career management and empower you to make a greater impact in your field. To advance the reputation of our Journals, we are delighted to invite you to collaborate by serving as Editorial Board member for our journals – Medica Press, Clinica Press, Life Science Press & Medica, Clinica and Life Science Imaging. Hence, we request you to please send your CV, recent passport sized photograph & research interests to update it on our website.. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day. Best Regards, Anna Lisa, Managing Editor, 2425 publishers

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