Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Global Scientific Library (GSL) Journal of Forensic Research

"Global Science Library (GSL) is one of newly start-up publishers [that] aims at making access to knowledge FREE for ALL." Its website (4/23/17) sports the names of 34 journals. The one I heard from, the GSL Journal of Forensic Research, purports to have 19 editors but apparently needs more (see the email below). These editors include
⊖ Dr. Kristin Holland, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, United States
⊖ Dr. Heath Grant, John Jay College of Criminal justice, United States
⊖ Dr. Judge Mary A Celeste, National Judicial College, United States
The "Dr. Judge" is a retired Denver County judge who is a consultant "designated as an expert witness on marijuana and driving in a Court of Law" with one article in a peer reviewed journal listed on her C.V. The affiliation with the National Judicial College is "Adjunct Faculty."

"Newly start-up" seems to be a euphemism as well as a solecism. Apparently, there is no editor-in-chief, and the links for "current issue" and "archives" reveal nothing.

GSL gives its address as 1320 Willow Pass Road Suite 600, Concord, California. So do various lawyers and other businesses. The property is advertised as a place to "[b]uild a local business presence with professional, tech-powered workspace" where "You can meet up with clients in our convenient, fully equipped meeting rooms" and "Work confidently in private or shared office space."
  • 4/17/17 from Dear Dr. David H Kaye, We hope this mail finds you in good health & activity. I'm writing today to extend an invitation to you to serve on GSL Journal of Forensic Research Editorial Board. The GSL Journal of Forensic Research is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal, committed towards publishing most recent and innovative advancements in the area of Forensic Research. The main aim of the journal is to provide a common access platform to all academicians and scientists from all over the world to share, discuss and promote various latest developments in Forensic Research. Since you have already served in this capacity I thought you might be interested in continuing your relationship with us in this capacity. I hope that you will consider joining the Editorial Board. If you accept this appointment, please forward a copy of your curriculum vitae and photograph. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely, Nancy, GSL Journal of Forensic Research
  • 5/17/17, 12:39:29 PM EDT, from GSL Journal of Forensic Research ( Dear Greetings! Hope you are doing well. GSL Journal of Forensic Research is a newly launched Journal and we are in the process of procuring articles for Inaugural Issue. We accept research articles/review articles/case reports/perspectives/short communications in the field of Forensic Research. We promise a stringent peer review process to publish quality articles. [W]e follow 100% Transparency. We would be glad if you could contribute an article towards the Journal Inaugural Issue. Please let us know your decision in this regard. Closing date of submissions for Inaugural Issue: 31 May 2017  ... Awaiting your kind response. Nancy, GSL Journal of Forensic Research
  • 8/10/17, 2:54:31 PM EDT, from GSL Journal of Forensic Research ( ... We hope you are doing well…..! Please allow us to introduce our self as “GSL Publishers”, “Sharing knowledge through open access Journals”. We are very fond of all your past valuable submission, and we do not want to miss your future research works to be published in our group. We would appreciate if you would contribute us with an article to our GSL Journal of Forensic Research inaugural issue, and we request you to please send us your valuable submissions on or before August 25, 2017 as an email attachment. We  accept research articles/review articles/case reports/perspectives/short communications in this field. Kindly let us know in case of any further queries. Your participation and contribution is highly desired and will be well appreciated. Best Regards, Nancy

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