Friday, September 14, 2018


The following comment-spammers are blocked from this site. Their comments, sometimes repeated dozens of times, are advertisements.

⊗ All bangla newspaper (Web worker, repeated offender)
⊗ CaryPress International
⊗ (Web worker, repeated offender)
⊗ National Journal Publications (Nagendra Lohith)
⊗ Net Journals (Rakul Preet: 42 MedDocs advertisements)
⊗ pegasusmediagroup
⊗ SciTech Central (directly and via yadavs indian)
Ghostwritng or editing
⊗ Academic Writing Service (Alpha Assignment Help)
⊗ priyakarthik (Blogger profile consists of the word "proofreading" and a link to TJPRC journals)
⊗ Projectsdeal Dissertation Proofreading Services UK (Burhan, James Smith)
⊗ Projectsdeal UK Reviews (James Smith)
⊗ Toby Warner
⊗ Jordan University (farah)
⊗ University of Jordan (uj website)
Drugs, healers, or health
⊗ Cilexin Male Enhancement Pills
⊗ promise dickson (similar)
⊗ DiagnoShop (in Hyderabad)
⊗ Dr. Olu's herbs (similar, Austin Mike)
⊗ Julia Franlin miracle cures
⊗ "i am Mudaf Kyle from MALARIA"
⊗ SS Healther Medical Blog ("committed to boosting our site," Rodney Tapley)
⊗ (yeezy sneakers)
Real estate and hotels
⊗ Montrose co hotel (Web worker)
⊗ Prime BHK, Hyderabad
⊗ Service Apartments in Coimbatore (Crystal Lake Stays)
⊗ Nepal Base Camp Treks (Sappa Lama Gomso, a persistent parasite)
⊗ Shiva Excursion treks in Nepal
Electronics, telecommunications, software
⊗ Benmisery Kory "Phone Cabling Services Vancouver"
⊗ Subhash Komuravelli "Best ERP Softwarte in India"
⊗ Quickbooks Data and Quickbooks Support
⊗ ufone (Syed Mehmood)
⊗ Backlinks "weed for sale with bitcoin"
⊗ caliy (phishing?)
⊗ Chandrika opendg
⊗ Chirp Directory for "twitter Management"
⊗ Clinnovo Research Labs Pvt Ltd (repeat offender)
⊗ Delhi Escorts (Somiya Khan)
⊗ Ella lily
⊗ Internet Marketing Company (Nina Athena, repeat offender)
⊗ Masonava
⊗ More Business Setup & Document Clearing (Mordubai, in Dubai)
⊗ padmapriya priya
⊗ I Grace event organizers in Hyderabad (Rishitha Rishi)
⊗ Adi Singh
⊗ Sumathi S occupational health and safety course in Chennai
⊗ Techno Data Group (Jack Peters, address lists)

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