Friday, September 14, 2018


The following comment-spammers are blocked from this site. Their comments, sometimes repeated dozens of times, are advertisements.
Adi Singh
CaryPress International
Cilexin Male Enhancement Pills
Chandrika opendg
Somiya Khan -- advertising Delhi Escorts
Ella lily
Nagendra Lohith -- MedDocs advertisements
National Journal Publications
padmapriya priya
priyakarthik -- Blogger profile consists of the word "proofreading" and a link to TJPRC journals.
Quickbooks Data
Rakul Preet -- 36 MedDocs advertisements; 1 for Net Journals
Sappa Lama Gomso -- advertising treks in Nepal
Jack Peters -- advertising mailing lists (for more spam?) from Techno Data Group
Scitech Central
uj website -- linked to University of Jordan
yadavs indian -- meaningless comments that link to SciTech Central

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