Thursday, September 13, 2018

Fitness World Magazine wants "your outstanding research in medical field"

Perhaps the email below does not qualify for inclusion in the Flaky Academic Journals blog. Who would mistake "Fitness World Magazine" for an academic journal? Nevertheless, it seems to reaching out (from an email address in India) and using a street address in California (that Google Maps does not recognize) to attract contributions from "researchers ... in the medical field."
  • From: Lauren []
    Date: Thu 9/13/2018 11:08 AM
    Subject: Your Research in Fitness Magazines
    Greetings from Fitness World Magazine. I am Lauren, editorial assistant from Fitness World magazine contacting you regarding your outstanding research in medical field.
    We are reaching out to experts in fitness industry and asking them to share their outstanding research with us. Our editors at Fitness world magazine would like to feature them in our monthly magazine and bring good reputation to researchers like you in the medical field.
    Our Fitness World Magazine is distributed to millions of subscribers monthly, and you will be featured in that magazine.
    Please share me your research article, so that our editors will write an excellent article on your research and make it available on our magazines both print and digital.
    With this featured article, you will receive wide recognition across the world.
    Please let me know your interest.
    Will be waiting for your reply.
    Lauren | Editorial Assistant
    Fitness World Magazine,
    1653 Clifford Street, Oakland, CA 94621.

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