Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Media Gurus at Research Publications International Ltd

Research Publishing International Ltd is not a flaky academic journal. It is "a collective of dedicated media gurus." For the right fee, they will market your research. Its services include making videos, multimedia, and a "free Research Features magazine [that] contains the latest scientific news written by skilled journalists and presented in an intuitive format." It stirs up the social media to "help you reach the masses."

The domain names researchfeatures.com and researchpublishinginternational.com were registered by Data Protected Data Protected, with a mock address of 123 Data Protected, Kirkland, WA 98033, Phone: +1.0000000000, Fax: +1.0000000000, Email: noreply@data-protected.net.
  • From: Bradley Noades [bradley@researchfeatures.com]
    Date: June 26, 2018
    Subject: Deadly statistics quantifying an unacceptable risk in capital punishment - Research Features
    Please excuse the direct nature of this contact. I would like to speak with you regarding your work with the Deadly statistics quantifying an unacceptable risk in capital punishment study. Research Features are working in collaboration with research teams around the world assisting with their Public Outreach activity, through means of a professionally produced research feature article. Our team of editors, illustrators and Social Media Gurus produce this feature in collaboration with you. There is very little for you to do – on average under 1 hour total time investment from your side. Our team invest an average of 28 to 34 hours in production of each feature. The ethos behind our work is very simple - we take complex topics and translate this body of work into an easily understood feature, which is then accessed globally via Social Media, our hard copy and digital publication, and our website.
    Research Features is a free-to-access publication – no reader will be asked to pay or subscribe to read, download or share the content we create. We publish all work under the Creative Commons licence guidelines.
    I understand Public Outreach is a very important issue within the research community – it is often difficult to obtain large numbers of views and interaction and of course time consuming. We guarantee that a minimum of 85,000 people will see your article across all digital channels. Please do look at our social media channels, icons are shown on our website, for evidence of the impact of this initiative.
    We are currently working on a very special publication to be launched August 2018. This publication will feature a wide variety of disciplines. We would like you to be one of those featured. To achieve this goal we take background information, and previously published papers, and use this information to write an article which is easily understood by the broader audience. You will not have to write anything; our internal team will produce the article. We do ask you to approve everything we produce, so you will remain in control of all content.
    I have briefly looked over the details of your work and believe Research Features to be an interesting platform to complement your outreach. You will of course own the article and copyright, leaving your team with a professionally produced feature to be used on your web-page, at events or conferences etc. We also send you hard copies of the final publication and finally, a detailed report which explains who has interacted with your article. Please have a look at our website ... Please also look over our Social Media channels – to see how the global community react to the work we produce: ...
    Rather than writing any further detail, could we please find 5 minutes to discuss? During our call I will then answer any questions you have and explain in detail the requirements and cost for taking part. All the services we provide are paid for by the research teams we feature, and the cost for this edition is capped at £400 per page. This covers everything, there are no additional fees or charges. The publication is entirely free to download share and digest, and is not supported by advertising or external funding, as we are an independent scientific media agency. I hope you agree, our work is of a high quality and the results across social media have been outstanding.
    We hope to work with you, Thank you in advance
    Kind Regards,
    Bradley Noades
    Project Manager, T: +44 1453 822574 (UK) Central Office, bradley@researchfeatures.com
    This email may contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure. It may not be used by, or its contents copied or disclosed to, persons other than the address(ees). If you have received this email in error please notify the sender immediately and delete the email.
    Whilst Research Publishing International Ltd has taken every reasonable precaution to minimize the risk of viruses, we cannot accept liability for any damage that is sustained as a result of software viruses which may be contained in this email. ...

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  1. "Research Features" is somewhere between a journal and a press agency. A "digital magazine". If you like, it's a journal consisting of advertisements, which you can use as press releases.

    One Simon Peter Jones is the director of "Research Publishing International" (the company behind Research Features), having jumped ship from "Research Media" (a company in a similar line of work, that was bought out in 2012): https://web.archive.org/web/20161222222004/https://scholarlyoa.com/2016/11/15/spammers-invite-researchers-to-pay-to-advertise-their-research/#comment-427263

    He seems to selectively target the recipients of govt. grants who need to spend some of that money, to promote what they've done with the rest of the money in order to apply for more money. Perhaps word is spreading in the UK and Europe, forcing him to look further and further afield in search of suckers.

    The people who actually write the press-releases / advertisements are only paid £50.