Monday, June 18, 2018

ITS wants you to "discuss the current and potential issues arising from the academic field"

From Hong Kong, International Technology and Science Publications (ITS) is "specializing in open access journals." In addition, the About Us page (viewed 6/18/18) promises
⊖ "a flexible open platform for researchers and institutions to ... discuss the current and potential issues arising from the academic field";
⊖ untold "quantities of distinguished editorial members and reviewers"; and
⊖ to "promote the development of the global significant researches."
Eighteen journals are listed, all with "ISSN pending." The nascent list includes "Waters" and "Environment."
  • From:
    Date: Mon Jun 18 at 6:45 PM
    Subject: Hey Dhkaye, Call for Papers from ITS 2018-6-19
    Dear Dhkaye,
    Free Publication Event in ITS Journals
    I am an editorial coordinator from the journal Urban Design. We noticed that you’ve published many papers, and based on the praisable quality of your paper, it is a great pleasure to invite you to contribute an article to ITS Journals for free before 30 July, 2018. [← Too bad the anonymous coordinator did not notice that I have published nothing on urban (or any other kind of) design.]
    ... Authentic Peer Review [← As opposed to 假的 (jia3de) peer review?]
    All articles submitted are subject to a rigorous peer review process by the expert reviewers. ITS adheres to the single blind peer-review procedure to ensure the contents on the journals meet ethical and scientific quality standards ...
    Articles submitted to Composite Science
    [← What happened to Urban Design?] come through a series of procedures, such as peer reviewing and editing. ITS is committed to finishing the whole process within 30 days. ...
    Special Issues focusing on certain aspects of a scientific research are published on ITS. ...
    Once published, articles on ITS are allowed be shared and adapted for their own purposes. ...
    We will answer back as soon as possible if we receive your manuscripts. Please send your reply by the earliest delivery. Looking forward to your contributions!
    Editorial Board
    International Technology and Science Publications (ITS)

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