Friday, August 25, 2017

Avens Publishing Group Is "Alive to the Rapidly Growing Research"

Avens Publishing Group looks like another spammer pretending to have a US office. According to Zillow (8/24/17) and other websites, its US address (47 Hemlock Dr, Northborough, MA 01532) is that of a home for sale "in desirable Hemlock Estates" that features a "[m]aple kitchen with center island, granite counters, stainless steel appliances."

The domains and are some of a long list registered by
Ashwin Kumar
plotno:505,jyothiraditya apartments,
srinagar colony,
Andhra Pradesh 5000073 India
Phone: +91.9177734525
The site is hosted in India by Hostgator Asian Operations Division. The domain for the website was purchased through Go Daddy on May 8, 2014. It describes "a vision to encourage the existing scientists, experts and young scientists to enlighten the common society."Although "newly started," Avens' About Us page claims (8/25/17) a "vast database of journals"-- "46 international Open Access peer-reviewed journals with our aim of Inviting Innovations." But this aim, not to mention the enlightment of conmon society, cannot be achieved costlessly. Avens is "seeking for the support from individuals, institutes, libraries, universities, funding agencies, and others" by asking for "a fair price" (that depends on the country of origin).

A webpage on "collaborations" asserts that "over 1400 experts from Industry and Academia provide editorial support to our journals." Moreover, "[w]e, the team at Avens Publishing Group, are alive to the rapidly growing research and believe in developing mutually beneficial relationships to share our good will with other academic institutions, research organization, scientific international ssociations and societies." Alas, this feeling does not seem to be mutual; no such relationships are listed.

The journal that contacted me with regards from "Faustina, Managing Editor" is the Journal of Forensic Investigation. Promising to meet Avens rigorous peer review and publication standards in less than a month, this journal is discussed here.

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  1. some of a long list registered by

    There might be more than one Ashwin Kumar, though, so we can't be sure that all those websites are one person's.

    We can be fairly confident that the domain "" is his, for it shares the same phone number. As yet there is no website constructed at the domain. Journals from that branch of the operation generally have the form "Indian Journal of X", and are aimed at a domestic market, and Mr Asimin Kumar -- using an alternative spelling of his name -- finds it easier to distribute them through an aggregated webstore: