Friday, August 25, 2017

Avens Journal of Forensic Investigation Checks for Genuinity

The Avens Publishing Group (discussed in a separate posting) is another flaky online publisher pretending (or striving) to be "a vast database of journals." Unlike many of its competitors in India, it solicited me to buy space in a journal on a subject that I do know something about. This Journal of Forensic Investigation is interested in "science and technology elevating the facts, ensuring social justice and well being." The website (8/25/17) explains that
Once a manuscript is submitted, it is assigned to one of our Eminent Editorial Board members to check the genuinity, novelty and quality of research. The manuscript is evaluated by the respective editor within two days of submission. If the manuscript meets the standards of Avens, further proceeding of the manuscript is carried out. The status of acceptance/rejection will be intimated by the editorial office.
Leading the "Eminent Editorial Board" as editor-in-chief is "Dr. Robert W. Allen, Head of the School of Forensic Sciences, Oklahoma State University, USA." Dr. Allen, whose name appears on the boards of other flaky journals, oversees a huge editorial board, A partial list follows. An asterisk by the name indicates that the individual is busy editing other journals of this ilk as well (if their lists of members are to be believed).
Dr. Henry C. Lee, the Director of Forensic Research and Training Center & Distinguished Chair Professor in Forensic Science of University of New Haven, USA.
Dr. Frederic Zenhausern, a Professor and Director of the Center for Applied Nanobioscience and Medicine at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine at Phoenix, USA
Dr. Marcus Rogers, a Professor of Cyber Forensics, University Faculty Scholar and Fellow of the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security at Purdue University, USA
Dr. John Zheng Wang, a Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science and Director of Applied Forensic Science, Crime Analysis and High Tech Crime Investigation certificate programs, California State University-Long Beach, USA.
Dr. Greg Hampikian, Professor of Biology, and Criminal Justice at Boise State University (BSU), USA.
Dr. Alejandro Del Carmen, a Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Texas, USA
Dr. Richard C. Li, an Associate Professor of Forensic Biology of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, USA
Dr. Jianye Ge, the Algorithm Leader in the Human Identification Division of Life Technologies
Dr. Alja Videtič Pask, a biochemist with PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology and with 10 years of experience in genetics and epigenetics of psychiatric disorders, ... [no affiliation given]
JFI itself list two special issues: Use of DNA Technology in Forensic Dentistry, edited by "Dr. Lori Baker, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Baylor University, USA," and Forensic Medicine and Pathology, edited by "Dr. Long Jin, Assistant Professor in Clinical Pathology, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, USA." No other information on these issues is present. They have no content. The Articles in Press link returns a blank page. Not a good sign of progress. The Current Issue (5:1) has three articles. A 2013 article labors to reach the conclusion that "understanding of practitioners can be enhanced through continued education at conferences, workshops and other training opportunities." Henry C. Lee & Elaine M. Pagliaro, Forensic Evidence and Crime Scene Investigation, J Forensic Investigation 1(1): 5 (2013).
From: []
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2017 10:01 AM
Subject: Submit your next Article in: Forensic
Dear Dr. David H Kaye,
On behalf of Editors of our JFI, we would like to invite you to make your contribution in the upcoming Summer issue of our journal to spread your research and to disseminate knowledge to the global scientific community by the means of Avens Publishing Group. Journal of Forensic Investigation is an international standard scholarly peer-reviewed journal which means that your paper is available to anyone in the world to download for free directly from our website. It encompasses fostering and enhancing research focuses mainly on forensic medicine, genetics, criminal justice, forensic investigation technology, molecular validation of unknown and controversial relationships, legal proceedings and medical ethics. ...
Submission deadline: 30th September 2017, Issue release date: 25th October 2017
• For Article Processing & Publishing Charges please follow the link below:
• All articles are peer-reviewed by our Editorial experts.
• Articles that are found to have been plagiarized or duplicated will be rejected immediately.
If you wish to submit a paper for possible publication in this issue, please contact us and we would be delighted to hear from you.
With regards, Faustina, Managing Editor, Journal of Forensic Investigation, Avens Publishing Group, 47 Hemlock Dr, Northborough MA 01532 USA.

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