Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Lupine Publishers "craves to select scientific connotation"

Lupine Publishers describes itself (on its website, 2/19/19) as
a multidisciplinary, scholarly Open Access publisher focused on Genetic, Biomedical and Remedial missions in relation with Technical Knowledge as well. We crave to select ground-breaking research based on modernism, aptness, scientific connotation, prospective spectator’s interests, etc. We endeavor to provide by far and liberally accessible belvedere to researchers and practitioners in support of their novel and valuable ideas. We already have 2000+ Editorial Board members along with 5000+ Published articles in our box. Our Journals maintain a scrupulous, methodical, fair peer review System. Besides, quality control is riveted in each step of the publication process.
This description raises the question of how many editors and articles can fit in one box. The box contains such articles as Association of Blood Group with Tea Likeliness, Bitter Gourd Relish and Blood Group Relationship, and Is There Any Fluctuation in Normal Blood Pressure While Watching Horror Movies?

The company information database Buzzfile provides, inter alia, these questions and answers (2/19/19):
Q. How big is Lupine Publishers?
A. Lupine Publishers is estimated to generate $37,589 in annual revenues, employs approximately 1 people [sic] at this location
Q. Where is Lupine Publishers located?
A. Lupine Publishers is located at 7865 S Grand Baker St, Aurora, CO 80016.
Q. How long has Lupine Publishers been in business?
Lupine Publishers has been in business for approximately 2 years.
Although Lupine purports to operate out of New York City, Buzzfile's address for it is a four bedroom home at 7865 S Grand Baker St., Aurora, CO 80016.

Lupine Publishers spams for OMICS-related conferences. An email from the subtly named Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences (below) advertised a production of the Biomedical Conferences LLC, which seems to be a name used by Conference Series, which is an OMICS domain. Conference Series, Lupine Publishers, Iris Publishers, and Crimson Publishers are just some of the enterprises whose domains are registered to Sudheer Kaku, "Software Engineer and Web Developer in Aurora, Colorado."

The peers involved in the Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic and Genetic Sciences do not seem to care too much about whether the articles concern forensic science or genetics. For example, A New Demographic Situation and Problems of Employment in Uzbekistan describes the disturbing rate of unemployment in the country but sounds an optimistic note: "The country leader based on the adopted state programs completely stimulated the steady growth of creation of jobs and employment of the population."
  • From: Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences [forensic@lupinepublishers.org]
    Date: Sun Feb 17 2019 11:51 PM
    Subject: Medicine and Medical Conferences: 2019
    Dear Dr. DH Kaye,
    Happy Charming Day.
    We cordially invite you to our “International Conference on Recent Advancements in Medicine and Medical Science” Conference during March 01-02, 2019 at Colorado, USA. On behalf of the organizing committee we expect your valuable participation to deliver your Research works in the time of your experience as an oral presentation during the conference Schedule.
    The Two-days conference comprises professional programs which includes 80+ Sessions of Scientific Forum, Symposia, Roundtable, Dialog, Poster, Exhibition, Workshop and Training Courses. We hope that the Medicine and Medical Science -2019 will be an unparalleled opportunity for Growing your network and meeting Eminent People throughout the scientific world. ...
    If you have any query, please feel free to contact us any time on WhatsApp (+1720 767-7131). Hope to have your presence at Colorado. Only 15 days to go Waiting for your rapid response.
    Christina | Program Manager
    Biomedical Conferences LLC Westbrook Corporate Center, Westchester 60154, USA.


  1. I just received this email, which is not trustworthy at all; no address, poor English,...

    Header: "Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal" From: research@lupinepublishers.co

    Dear Professor,

    Greeting from Lupine Publishers!

    We are in shortfall of one article for the new issue launched i.e., Volume 3 Issue 4. Is it possible for you to support us with your article for this issue of Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal (RRHOAJ) on or before 14th May.

    If this is a short notice please do send 2-page opinion/mini review/case report, we hope 2-page article isn’t time taken for eminent like you.

    We are confident that you are always will be there to support us.

    Await your response.

    Deborah Daniel


  2. Dear Professor,

    Good Morning.

    We are in short of one article for successful release of i.e., Volume 7 Issue 4 of our Journal Current Investigations in Agriculture and Current Research (CIACR) (ISSN: 2637-4676).

    Please submit us your Manuscript for this issue before 25th September If this is a short notice in your busy schedule please do send 2 page article, we hope 2 page article isn’t time taken for eminent like you.

    We are confident that you will always be there to support us as in the role of Eminent Editor of our Journal.

    Await your response.

    Kimberly William

    Editorial Manager