Friday, October 5, 2018

Gece Academy: Pay to Publish Your Dissertation or Thesis

It is easy to have a dissertation published. In addition to outfits that help with the construction of any e-book from any paying author who wants to self-publish, there is ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, which boasts "[t]he largest collection of electronic theses and dissertations available worldwide ... 4 million works from more than 3,000 universities, [with] more than 130,000 works [added] annually" (10/5/18). (On the perils of publishing with ProQuest, see Kathryn Hume's remarks in

Another option for avoiding the screening process or criteria of traditional, relatively selective academic publishing houses is to turn to publishers who are less picky or who use different criteria. Obviously, these publications will carry little brand-name prestige, and expecting high quality line and copy editing could well be unrealistic.But you have to pay for them anyway with Gece Academy.

Gece's email suffers from the absence of such editing, and its Park Avenue address apparently comes from Regus, a virtual office supplier used by many of the publishers whose emails appear in this blog. Gece Publishing House also publishes papers from conferences -- with payment up front from the authors.
  • From: Publish your thesis []
    Date: Thu 10/4/2018 3:26 PM (also 10/18/2018)
    Subject: Gece AcademyPublish your thesis []
    Dear Stakeholders,
    please visit our page to examine the academic package prepared for publication and to get detailed information about, various thesis and academic studies of academicians (Academic Package - A) by Gece Kitaplığı, which is an internationally recognized publisher.
    Academic Package - A (Individual)
    In the academic package, the various thesis and academic studies of academicians are published by "Gece Kitaplığı" which is an internationally recognized publisher. In this package, the first edition of the book is made as 500 copies and 25 books are given to the author free of charge. Following the completion of the first edition of the book, the author receives 7% royalties from this sale.
    After the typesetting and layout is completed, the cover design of the book is submitted to the author's approval. After approval, the printing process is started. The editing service is provided by Gece Akademi for experienced academicians working in various universities in Turkey and around the world. The presentation of your work is made by professional advertising companies via e-mail, catalogue and social media coats.
    Your books are sent to major distributors of Turkey (Amazon, D&R, Emek, Kitapyurdu, İdefix, Final, Alfa, İnsancıl etc.) and sold in the bookstore where the Publisher works. All the services such as composition, graphic, cover design, printing, ISBN, banderol is done in our publishing house and the package fee is 600 Euro. You can send your work by e-mail ... .
    USA OFFICE: 387 Park Avenue South, 5th Floor, New York, 10016, USA.
    TURKEY OFFICE: Meşrutuiyet Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı, Bulvar Palas ÇArşı İş Merkezi, C Blok No: 141/127, 06420, ÇAnkaya, Ankara, Turkey. Phones: +90 555 888 24 26; +1 347 355 10 70

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  1. When I was a graduate student (at the time, Hamurabbi was on the throne), all of us who finished our dissertations were required to publish them with University Microfilms as a prerequisite for conferral of degree. I resented this because I felt it diminished my chances of turning my dissertation into a published book, but ran into a stone wall on this issue. I suspect that nowadays many instutions require their doctorandi and doctorandae to make their dissertations available on ProQuest (which will make a profit from the publication and doubless share nary a red cent with the author). So don't kid yourself that publishing with ProQuest is necessarily a matter of personal choice.