Thursday, February 1, 2018

An Alert About Science Alert

Science Alert ( and Science Alert ( and are not the same! This posting is about spam from the latter outfit, which was on Beall's list. The domain is registered to Instra Corporation Pty, Ltd., whose unedifying contact information is Domain Manager,Cloud308, PO Box q126208, Dubai 126208, +971.562218164,

The home page states (2/1/18) that "Our business is to manage the knowledge and disseminate the new discoveries globally. Science Alert publishes close to 150 academic and professional journals." But it is hard not to be suspicious of journals with names like "American Journal of Food Technology" (the first on the publisher's list) --especially when the address for Science Alert (on the contact form) is
Office Number 112, Al Noor Building, Near Bassam Center, P.O. Box 126208, Deira, Dubai, UAE.
There is no address for the "American Journal." The editor-in-chief is Dr. Om Prakash Chauhan. No editorial board is listed, but an unrelated journal has an editor with this name and an address of "Scientist ‘E’, Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Siddarthanagar, Mysore, India." It could be that the only American thing about the journal is its name. A journal by the same name comes from another flaky-looking publisher, Science and Education publishing (SciEP). Science Alert's American Journal is said to be published by "Academic Journals Inc., USA."
  • From: Science Alert []
    Date: Sunday Sept 30 at 9:00 AM
    Subject: Why publish with Science Alert
    Explore the advantges of publishing in a Science Alert Journals
    Number ONE reason to consider Science Alert for publication of your quality research is High quality and fast publication. [← if you do not care about editing for capitalization, spelling, and word usage.]
    Known for rigorous, fair peer review and fast publication times, our journals publish the best science, from original research articles to authoritative reviews.
    From submission to peer review to publication, fellow scientists will take you through our publishing process. Their experience helps to ensure that your work becomes available rapidly in journals that provide high quality context for your research.
    Submit your best research work for publication in one of the suitable Science Alert Journals. Want to learn more about our journals Please visit ... .
    Science Alert Team
    You are receiving this email because you subscribed to Science Alert Newsletter. [← LOL] Click here to change your subscription. [← Or to confirm that they have a valid email address for spam?]
  • From: Science Alert []
    Date: Saturday, July 14, 2018, 3:15:17 AM EDT
    Subject: Call for Reviewers
    Science Alert is currently recruiting individuals to carry out a double blind peer review. As a platform for global academic communication, the quality of the journal has always an aspect attracting much of our attention. To ensure quality of our publication and to better serve the peers in academic circle, we now call for reviewers among professionals and experts of the world. If you are interested in joining the peer review panel, please send a copy of your CV with a complete list of publications to Manchi Fung (Ms) at
    M. Imran Pasha
    Publication Manager
    You are receiving this email because you subscribed to Science Alert Newsletter. [← LOL.] Click here to change your subscription.
  • From: Science Alert []
    Sent: Jan. 25, 2018, 7:34:43 AM EST and again Feb. 28 at 6:53 PM
    Subject: Call for Papers
    International Journal of Pharmacology (IJP) is an internationally recognized Journal, contains peer-review material and provides broad coverage of entire field of pharmacology. [Emphasis in original.] The journal publishes full-length papers, short reviews (not exceeding 12 pages) and perspectives (by invitation only), intended to debate recent advances in rapidly developing fields.
    International Journal of Pharmacology currently indexed in Scopus, ASCI Database and Science Citation Index (Exp). International Journal of Pharmacology now accepting new submissions. Submit your best paper via online submission system at ...
    M. Imran Pasha
    Publication Manager
    © Science Alert. All Rights Reserved [← They copyright their email?]

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