Friday, October 6, 2017

Scientific Federation Wants You To "avail this opportunity to share your scientific excellences"

Scientific Federation is "taking the step to transform the technology" that is "now-a-days ... growing in rapid way in all aspects of medical, physics, clinical and pharma." How? Primarily through "proficient and international scientific conferences worldwide with associating the world class researchers." (For more on Scientific Federation's conference business, see and Operating out of Hyderabad (judging by the domain registration), this "abode for researchers" also publishes some journals (or wants to). 
SciFed Journal of Forensics
Among SciFed's laundry list of journals is the SciFed Journal of Forensics. The journal "encourages genuine, non-plagiarized ... submissions [that's good to know!] such as research article, ... image article, videos & graphical presentations ... ." If you like to write papers that drag on and on, it may be the place for you, as it "aims in publishing enormous esteemed manuscripts."
The editor-in-chief is Lawrence A. Presley of Liberty University. Mr. Presley is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice. He also works for Juniper Publishers' Journal of Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation, another flaky journal. The 27-member editorial board has no US members. One member is a Nigerian graduate student who is "an editor to handful of journals." Another is a cancer researcher with no forensic science (or other) publications mentioned, but he "has peer-reviewed many journals."

The undesired email  includes
  • Sent: Friday, November 3, 2017, 7:31:11 AM EDT
    From: Journal of Forensics
    Re: Call for Papers -- Forensics
    Dear Dr. David H. Kaye,
    Thank you for your valuable time in reading this mail! Based on your expertise in “Forensics”, we warmly solicit your participation in the Inaugural Edition for SciFed Journal of Forensics, which we are planning to release on December 2017. Being impressed, by your quality work, we are contacting you to know if you can associate with us by submitting your upcoming research work. Last date for submission: November 30th 2017. If a need arises, we will extend the date of submission as per your convenience.
    Publication Fee: In order to meet rigorous academic standards, articles needs graphics, formatting, and the editing services for which we charge a minimal amount of 649 US Dollars as a publication fee for Scientists and for students we charge 299US Dollars for this Inaugural Issue. Please do not hesitate to mail us for any queries.
    Best Regards,
    Paul Stephen,
    Assistant Scientific Editor, E:, T: +44-20-3477-8009
SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
The US members of the editorial board are said to be
⊗ Brij Mohan, Louisiana State University
⊗ James A Mitchell, California State University
⊗ Paul Brace, Rice University
⊗ Khaled Abou El Fadl, University of California Los Angeles
⊗ Ann Bartow, University of New Hampshire
⊗ Malinda Wilson G, Alabama A&M University
⊗ Jeff D Dailey, Angelo State University
⊗ Xuebing Yang, Penn State Altoona
⊗ Jon R Cavicchi, University of New Hampshire School of Law
⊗ Steven D Roper, Florida Atlantic University
The undesired email includes
  • From: SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
    Sent: 10/6/17, 10/20/17
    Subject: Reminder : SciFed Intellectual Property Rights-Call for Papers
    Dear Dr. David H Kaye,
    Greetings from SciFed. Recognizing your very busy schedule, As we haven't received your response yet, We are sending you this note as a reminder to remind you that, We ... invites you to submit a paper in the area of your research, academic or professional interest related to any of the topics included in the Journal of Intellectual Property Rights.
    Kindly avail this opportunity to share your scientific excellences and be a part of our esteemed organization. Would you please have your assistant drop us a note. If you require further information. We are sincerely looking forward to receiving your acceptance.
    Best Regards,
    John Anthony
    Assistant Scientific Editor, SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Scientific Federation,, T: +44-20-3477-8009
  • From: SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights []
    Date: Tuesday, August 7, 2018 8:47 AM
    Subject: Reg: SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights - Call for Papers
    Dear Dr. David H Kaye,
    Greetings of the day..!! SciFed Group cordially invites you for the submission of manuscripts in the SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights for Volume 2 Issue 1. Our Eminent Editorial Board Members will process all the articles submitted, in an unbiased manner.
    Publication fee: In order to meet rigorous academic standards, articles needs graphics, formatting, and the editing services for which we charge a minimal amount 299 USD for this issue.
    Kindly let us know your opinion regarding submission of your valuable work. We will be glad to assist you, if you have any concerns. Finally, we appreciate your patience in reading this mail.
    Kind Regards,
    Maisie Jayne
    SciFed Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
    SciFed Publishers, E: T: +1-302-549-2192
Other Email
See the entry for Scientific Federation on Flaky Academic Conferences


  1. "John Anthony"? The bumblefucks at Scientific Federation only know how to make up fictitious names for their nonexistent "Assistant Scientific Editors" by joining together pairs of first names. They have spammed me as Alexander Isaac, Ivan Connor, Henry Nicholas, Jean Paul, Samantha Lauren, Emilia Michelle, etc.

    The actual scammer behind SciFed is Reddy Sekhar (Event Manager). To add to his other delightful traits, he's an incompetent cockwomble, and he left a spreadsheet out on the Intertubes containing a list of the eedjits who registered for his scamferences for 2016-2017:

    -- including e-addresses and the varying amounts they paid. Also includes his own and his colleagues' email details.

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