Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism (COES&RJ)

A conference organizer (Turkey, Malaysia, UAE, and China, many cancelled) and publisher of oddly organized journals, CIES&RJ pretends to have a US address (that belongs to a warehouse and is used by international scammers). The email I received (2/1/17) was for the "Journal of Social Sciences." The website refers to a "Journal of Law," but that link goes to the other journal. The only editorial board listed (2/1/17) is for the "Journal of Business and Management," whose editor-in-chief is Dr. Ra'ed (Mo'hd Taisir) Masa'deh, Dean: Faculty of Management, University of Jordan, Aqaba, Jordan.

The domain was registered by for Nasir Shamsi, 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. # 16258, Houston, Texas 77043 (the warehouse address), +1-281-407-7509, According to the About Us page of the center's website, the center is a Texas corporation with legal name COES&RJ, LLC (same telephone number) for which "the governing persons are: Mrs. Farhat Tabbasum [and] Mr. Nasir Ali Shamsi."

An email of 4/29/17 entitled "Call for Paper" for the COES Journal of Social Sciences came from (no name). This journal now has an editorial board. The editor-in-chief is Nasir Ali Shamsi. Dr. Neda Khan (with no stated affiliation) is the editor. US members are Dr. Michael F. Shaughnessy, Eastern New Mexico University, and Dr. Neuvic Kalmar Malembanie, PhD., Howard University. Dr. Shaughnessy is a Professor of Special Education in the ENMU Educational Studies department. Dr. Malembanie's biography, written while he was working toward a Ph.D. in literature, is at

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