Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The International Journals from the House in Mesa, Arizona

Today's possible scam came not as an email, but as an inane comment on a recent posting on this blog. The commenter, calling himself "Smith," wrote that "[a] journal is a compilation of papers written on a daily basis throughout the year (much like a magazine)" and gave a link to

IJMRS is the acronym for International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies and Research. This journal is one of a series covering every imaginable subject. All have the same editor-in-chief, Steven Sayasy. All have the same address, 1809 S Citrus Cove, Mesa, Arizona 85204. That's a recently purchased five-bedroom house in a Phoenix suburb. The Sayasy-edited and published journals that popped up in a quick search are IJMRS, IJSSHR (International Journal of Social Science and Humanities Research), and the improbably named JOMAAR (Journal of Management and Architecture Research).

JOMAAR is amazing. In less than three years, it has become "the longest-standing, constantly-published, worldwide-referred publication on architecture, based in the USA." Indeed, "[i]ts unique thematic issues contribute to the confrontation of scholarly perspectives on unnoticed setbacks – a must-read for faculties, doctoral and graduate students, in addition to for architects and the universal intellectual audience."

The title of its latest article reads as if it were written by a random word generator. The article is "The Performance That Observation Potboiler in Weakness Manufacture An Redundancy Effigy for the Consideration of Weakness" by Professor Shadowy Lings and  Dr. Luis Easton.

Who is the intrepid editor-in-chief for the universal intellectual audience? In a word, a salesman. Steven Sayasy of 1809 Citrus Cove is the registered agent, organizer, and principal of Rapid Purchases, LLC. The company engages in "Real Estate and Rental and Leasing Other Activities Related to Real Estate." According to Bizapedia, that is not all. Mr. Sayasy is the sole principal of Farkal LLC, which offers "Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services Other Computer Related Services." On Linked In, he describes himself as "President at Farkal" and lists two other current activities -- "Licensed Realtor" with the Realty ONE Group and "Digital Marketing Nerd" with Exaalgia LLC. He puts his best foot forward:

My 10+ years of experience revolves around customer service, sales, and management. I have dedicated my efforts to learning these skills and mastering them to the best of my ability.

Comparable skills in academic research and writing are not mentioned. There are no reported publications or even a four-year college degree. Mr. Sayasa's education culminated in an associate's degree from Hamilton College in upstate New York.

Oh, by the way, the "Smith" IJMRS blog coaches students on how to submit plagiarized term papers without getting caught.


Smith [] has left a new comment on your post "Frontiers in Medical Case Reports wants the "medic...": A journal is a compilation of papers written on a daily basis throughout the year (much like a magazine). Research Journal papers are written by experts, for experts, and they present the most current studies. They may be printed or distributed online, or both.

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