Monday, April 19, 2021

Frontiers in Medical Case Reports wants the "medical fraternity to synchronize their knowledge"

Frontiers in Medical Case Reports is not a Frontiers Media ( journal. The publisher listed on the journal's website is

Publisher: Frontiers in Medical Case Reports
4-73, S. Lingotum, Choutuppal, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh, India 508252
Contact Person: K. Shivashanker

This Frontiers journal seems to be intertwined with the Archives of Medical and Clinical Research. Both have domains (in this case, registered to "Organization: Ubitech Solutions; Kind: individual; Mailing Address: Madhya Pradesh, India." Both have the same guidelines for authors. Both have mostly the same editors.

The About Us and home pages indicate that this is not a journal to turn to for English language editing. It advises us that its purpose "is to enhance the field by offering new basic and clinical research with highlighting on knowledge that will motivation the way medical treatments are practiced." The About Us also page condemns "ethical malpractices" and has this to say about "Human and Animal Rights":

Contingent upon the idea of the in regards to investigate, manuscripts submitted ... should contain an statement such that the unsettling legitimately restricting ethical guidelines have been met. Authors are needed to check if any of the beneath explanations applies ....
All human investigations should express that they have been affirmed by the ethics committee and have accordingly been acted as per the ethical guidelines set down in the 1964 Declaration of Helsinki. ...

The email, which does not comply with the US CAN-SPAM Act is written in a similar style.

  • From: fmcr []
    Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2021 11:39 PM
    Subject: Submissions for Medical Case Reports
    Frontiers in Medical Case Reports
    Authors are cordially Invited for article submissions to publish in the upcoming issue of Frontiers in Medical Case Reports Frontiers in Medical Case Reports is a lively and informative journal covering international issues relevant to medical and clinical sciences worldwide.
    The Frontiers in Medical Case Reports is an international standard open access peer-reviewed journal which provides a source for publishing original communications, case reports and case series in all areas of medical and clinical sciences. Frontiers in Medical Case Reports providing a platform for advances in basic and advanced clinical medical research for all branches of Medico Professionals.
    FMCR provides cutting edge updates, developments in the medical arena and helps the medical fraternity to synchronize their knowledge in today's time.
    Submission Guidelines:
    A High-Quality research papers are invited those are original and plagiarism free must be prepared in MS word should be submitted electronically. kindly submit through online at: Submit Now or you can mail your manuscript to our mail at
    All submitted manuscript will be peer-reviewed, edited and published in accordance with international standard and best practices.
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards
    Editorial Office
    Frontiers in Medical Case Reports

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