Monday, May 4, 2020

Institute of Mathematics and Management Is Staunch in Its Niche in the Blue Ocean

"With over 07 years of excellence in the educational and research spheres, the Institute of Mathematics and Management (IMM) is staunch in its niche of being the quality education, research, and analytical support service provider." Its "Vision" is "To be the best education and research provider in the world within the Blue Ocean Strategy." The "Staff" webpage lists two names: Managing Director Major K. M. Udaya Banda Konarasinghe (Retired), and Academic Director Dr (Mrs.) W. G. Samanthi Konarasinghe.

IMM purports to publish four journals. I cannot find any content for them. The Publications page also lists two books -- Circular Model and Sama Circular Model. These "books" are three- and four-page Word documents. Perhaps they are summaries of books available elsewhere? The first book explains that "The Circular Model was introduced in year 2016. It was a part of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD in Statistics) thesis of [IMM's Academic Director], University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka." The second book begins, "The Sama Circular Model was introduced in year 2018. It was the improved version of [her] Circular Model." Both books assert that in the model, Fourier "Series, sin(kωt) and cos(kωt) are independent."

The Staff webpage of IMM includes a message from the Managing Director that notes
Initiative to the IMM was not taken to turn the market Red. We sail in the spacious “Blue Ocean” by creating new knowledge for the world. The motto, "Determined, Dedicated and Done" is the lighthouse of the IMM.
The Academic Director reports that "[s]cientific knowledge is highly valued as it allows us to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions." That's good to know. "It is believed that scientific knowledge makes the world a better place for living." Even so, she adds that
I have my doubts about whether sciences are being used for making a better world or the other way round! Mathematics is considered as the mother of all sciences because they are all born of it. The mother's love for children is unbounded. Her capability in Management is not comparable. Her language is universal. We, the Institute of Mathematics and Management determined to use the universal language “Mathematics” for making a better world with love and compassion.

IMM's logo, shown above, "is based on 'Set Theory'" and "describes the objectives, goals, and business strategy of IMM."
[T]he Blue Circle is the Universal set and the Black Circle is a subset of it. The Black Circle represents mathematical-statistical tools. The Integral sign and the function notation inside the black circle say, irrespective of the field, all the management problems are converted into mathematical language and solve them by using mathematical techniques. The outer blue circle represents the "Blue Ocean Strategy", which is the business strategy of IMM. Taking a Blue Ocean approach means our goal is not to outperform the competition. Instead, we aim to redraw industry boundaries by innovation and operate within that new space, making the competition immaterial. In short, IMM adopts Blue Ocean Strategy in business; converts real-world problems into Mathematical Language, to achieve sustainability in Management
If predatory publishers organizers are ones that sell journal space without meaningful editorial screening and services, IMM is not a predatory publisher. Its website states that "Our priority is to publish Noble researches without any financial, technical, and legal barriers to the author." Presumably, its revenues come a "Diploma Course in Applied Statistics & Research Methodology" and "The IMM Research consultancy ... for academicians, researchers, and postgraduate research students." It also supplies "business analytical services" and "scientific guidance for portfolio selection and investment decisions."
  • From: W. G. Konarasinghe
    Posted to an American Statistical Association discussion list
    Date: May 1, 2020 3:58 AM
    Dear Friends,
    Wishing you a good day!
    I am happy to inform you that We, Institute of Mathematics and Management is ready to publish journals and to conduct international conferences.
    Please find the details on our website: ...
    Our journals are free of charge for publication
    I invite you to join our team of editorial members and reviewers.
    Research papers from you, your colleagues and students are warmly welcome for journals and upcoming conferences.
    W.G. Samanthi Konarasinghe( PhD)
    Academic Director / Statistical Consultant
    Institute of Mathematics & Management,
    Sri Lanka