Sunday, January 7, 2018

ECSAC: "The Most Recent Studies in Science and Art"

It looks like the organizers of a questionable academic conference are inviting everyone to pay for the privilege of having a "separate Chapter" in a book to be "hosted at libraries of world-famous prominent universities such as the British Library." The US editor is Robert Elliott, Department Head, Music Theory, String Bass, Tennessee State University.
From: Book Chapter []
Sent: Saturday, January 6, 2018 3:30 PM (also 1/8/2018)
Subject: Book Chapter
Dear Researcher,
We hereby invite you to participate in the international “The Most Recent Studies in Science and Art” in which original research and compilations of national and international researchers will be published.
With a multidisciplinary approach, and with the participation of many researchers from different disciplines (each study will be included in a separate Chapter), the book will be released in English, and include the most up-to-date research and developments in science and art.The book will be released by “Gece Kitaplığı Yayınevi” (Publishing House), which has covered the conditions of being “Recognized International Publishing House” (the publishing house must have run regular activities for at least five years at international level; must be included in the catalogues of universities well-known throughout the world; and the publishing house must also have published at least 20 books from different authors at international level) declared in the Associate Professor Application Conditions List for December 2016 by Presidency of Interuniversity Board (PIB) with an ISBN. The books of the publishing house are hosted at libraries of world-famous prominent universities such as British Library, the University of Chicago, University of Oxford; ... .
“Gece Kitaplığı Publishing” published the first book “Researches on Science and Art in 21st Century Turkey” that was in a similar concept and had the quality of being prestigious for the House in 2017 with the participation of many researchers who worked in different disciplines of science and art. The book was sent for the purpose of being included in the catalogue of well-known 17 different universities and libraries whose examples have been provided above. Furthermore, it is also included in sales catalogues of many companies that have a widespread marketing network like Kitapyurdu, D and R and similar companies. When this very first book was welcomed by a wide variety of readers, we, as the editors, had the excitement, enthusiasm, and encouragement to proceed with similar works.
The expenses like layout, cover and internal design, typesetting, publishing, volume, the fees for shipping to author(s) and university libraries domestic/abroad, and taxes for this second book that will be prepared will be covered by the authors, and the fee for each chapter that will be released in the book will be 250 Euros. The publishing of the book will be completed between 2018 March/April, and will be sent to all responsible authors as 1 (one) piece for each and/or as a set of books as free of charge. We look forward to your contributions, and wish you success at your work.
Kind regards, Editors
Prof. Hasan Arapgirlioğlu, Akdeniz University
Assist. Prof. Atilla Atik, Yildiz Technical University
Prof. Salim Hızıroğlu, Oklahoma State University
Prof. Robert L. Elliott, Tennessee State University
Assist. Prof. Elif Taşlıdere, Bezmi Alem Foundation University
The Link for Sending Your Work: researchesonscienceandart(at)
Special Text, latest delivery date: January 30, 2018.
Feedback date to the editors after evaluation: February 15, 2018.
Deadline for sending the full English text of the accepted chapters: March 02, 2018.
Date of publication and sending the book to the author(s): 01-15 April 2018.