Thursday, June 14, 2018

SciDoc is "spreading the knowledge from the desks to the doors of the masses"

From the SciDoc website: "SciDoc Publishers achievements till date includes: ... Special Issues, which is roaring high."

Among the many journal titles listed there is the "JBR Journal of Translational Space dentistry, Medicine and Exploration (JBR-TSME)." The editor-in-chief is "Balwant Rai, Director of Space dentistry, Kepler Space Institute, USA." The Kepler Space Institute's home page explains that the institute "is dedicated to the expansion of human civilization from Earth into space. We believe this is necessary, both to acquire resources – based on the Law of Space Abundance to provide the fundamental needs of preserving peace and prosperity for humankind on this planet – and to extend life through our solar system and beyond." Mr. Rai's name does not appear on this website, but he is editor-in-chief of OMICS' JBR Journal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Science. That speaks volumes.

The International Journal of Forensic Science & Pathology (IJFP), which spammed me, is not listed on the journals page of the website. A word search of the website returns a link that generates a smattering of articles from other journals. If there are editors of and articles in this journal, they are not easily found.

The enterprising chap behind SciDoc may be Hari Sarangam, 2542 Rockhampton Rd, San Ramon, California 94582, 302-703-1005, Mr. Sarangam is the owner of the domains,,, and
  • From: International Journal of Forensic Science & Pathology - SciDoc Publishers []
    Date: Thu 6/14/2018 12:59 AM
    Subject: Submission for Forensic Science Research
    Respected Dr. David Kaye,
    We hope this email finds you in good health. Myself Maddy Adams, Managing Editor at SciDoc Publishers- Open Access; managing the International Journal of Forensic Science & Pathology (IJFP). We would like to take this opportunity in congratulating you for getting the Research grant of National Science Foundation (NSF). [← Maddy seems to be confused. I have no such grant, although I am a co-PI on a recent grant application.]
    We are an Open Access publisher working to disseminate knowledge and to create an archival literature platform in Forensic Science & Pathology. We aim to publish high quality Open Access journals around the globe, with contributions from eminent authors like you. We would be very delighted to have your submissions in our journal, as your research work on “Forensic Science” fits well with the IJFP.
    We kindly request you to confirm us with respect to your interest of participation. Should you have any further queries, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact us, we will assist you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best Regards
    Maddy Adams
    SciDoc Publishers, USA.

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  1. I rather suspect that Mr Rai (Space Dentist) has fabricated his claim to be affiliated to the Kepler Space Institute, and failed to inform KSI of the link.