Saturday, January 19, 2019

Research Inventy

Who publishes Research Inventy's International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES), and why does the world need another obscure journal on all of science and technology? This journal p[rovides no answers to these questions. No names or addresses appear in the spam I received. An ICANN Whois search for draws a blank. Logos displayed on the home page include NASA, Google Scholar, and Cornell University Library. The website lists no publisher or editor-in-chief. The eight editorial board members are "Philosophy Doctors" from Egypt (3), Iraq, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and Poland. Prices are in "USD" and "INR," so it is likely that the the operation is in India.

There is a "copy right form" and a "cheack paper status" feature. The answer to the frequently asked question "HOW MUCH IT TAKES FOR REVIEW PROCESS?" is "The International Journal of Engineering & Science takes 5-10 days for publication of paper." That's almost as close to instant gratification as writing your own blog.
  • From: fnfhkm []
    Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2019, 2:18 AM
    Subject: Research Based Journal Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES)
    Online ISSN: 2278-4721, Print ISSN: 2319-6483
    Call For paper, January , 2019
    The Research Inventy is indexed by well reputed International Indexing agencies/ databases: Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Research Gate, Ulrich's Web and Open J-Gate etc. IMPACT FACTOR: 1.89 (Calculated by AQCJ)
    Note that a double-blind peer review process will be used to evaluate all papers submitted for consideration. For that, authors must not indicate their names and affiliations in the body of the paper. Important Dates/Deadlines:
    Full Paper Submission Deadline: 25th January , 2019
    Notification of Acceptance: 30th January , 2019
    Date of Publication: 05th February , 2019
    Website: www.researchinventy.cOm Mail id:
    Best Regards
    Research Inventy- IJES
  • From:
    Date: 27 July 2019 7:17 am
    Subject: Date of notification of acceptance: within a week
    Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES)
    [Identical email except that the later dates are later)]


  1. A couple of years ago you documented your encounters with "International Organization of Scientific Research (IOSR)". ALong the way you noted the existence of a little predatory-journal scampire owned by Chetan Sharma of Uttar Predash, with a dozen domains registered in the name "". Like "" and "" (American Journal of Engineering Research"), and International Journals of this and that, and so on.

    Now it turns out that those dozen domains / websites are housed on the one dedicated IP server... along with a few dozen others (registered more anonymously).

    On that list, you will find "". Which is to say, Inventy is just another of Chetan Sharma's grifts, kept separate from IOSR for some reason.

    Another domain on the server is "". This is the "African Quality Centre for Journals" - Chetan's entry in the Fake Impact Factor Industry, selling spurious Impact Factors to other scammers, but mainly to himself. Suffice to say that the AQCJ ratings of the World's Most Impactful Publishers shows IOSR at #9 (Nature, Science, Springer, IEEE, John Wiley and a few others scrape in just ahead). If you ask the Great Google about AQCJ, you'll find a general agreement that it's a branch of IOSR, though space does not permit a summary of the reasons.

    Anyway, not many other parasite-publisher grifters actually use the AQCJ scores... but Inventy does.

    There are also a number of people turning up on both IOSR and Inventy Editorial Boards, but you get the picture by now.

  2. "Invention" are part of that IP-address nexus as well:

    I had forgotten your coverage of AJER:

    Another thing uniting AJER, IOSR and Inventy is their use of e-addresses to spam you.