Sunday, April 16, 2017

Science Domain International

I would guess that Science Domain International is another Indian venture. If there is a main address on the website, it is well hidden. Emails for the Journal of Scientific Research and Reports give three addresses -- London, Delhi, and New Castle (in Delaware). But SDI does not seem to have an office in Delaware. The New Castle address actually is for Agents and Corporation, Inc., a "remote agent" firm that provides cheap incorporations in Delaware. Wherever it may be located, however, SDI has a "thirst for excellence" and "top innovation."

SDI also may be operating as International Knowledge (IK) Press (discussed here) and Scientific Spam reported that

Something calling itself “ScienceDomain International Ltd”, apparently of Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH, continues to turn up in spamtraps. They have existed as an UK company twice, but both registrations have been dissolved (Reg. No 07794635 – Dissolved on 14 January 2014; Reg. No 08988029 – Dissolved on 24 November 2015). Nonetheless, they process personal data without having ever registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, which in itself is a criminal act in the United Kingdom.

All the emails to me offer allegedly time-limited, steep discounts on publication charges.


  • 10/30/17: One email came from the domain yourjournal4.or, which is registered to Suresh Jat, in Pratap Nagar, Jaipur 302025 India, +91.98871275,
  • 4/21/18: Another, from, is less revealing. That domain is registered to Private by Design, LLC, 500 Westover Dr #9816, Sanford NC 27330, +1.9712666028,
  • 6/18/18: The domain that appears in an email for "The British Journal of Science and Applied Technology" was registered through PDR Ltd. in India. It claims that it is indexed in the "US National Library of Medicine (NLM) Catalog [NLM ID: 101664541]." In fact, the journal's status there is "Not currently indexed for MEDLINE. ... Not in the NLM Collection."
  • 4/21/18: is registered to P Monda, Tarakeswar, Hooghly West Bengal 712410 India +91.9434356957,
  • 10/19/20: The "headquarters" address for the SDI journals is Guest House Road, Street no - 1/6, Hooghly, West Bengal, India Corp. Firm Registration Number: L77527, Email:, Tele: +91 8617752708."
    The publisher of the several Science Domain International journals I sampled is "Ms. M. B. Mondal, Ph.D".A 2018 report on "India's Fake Medical Journals" reproduced at (which describes itself as the country's "largest academic doctors network" has more information on Ms. Mondal and her publications:
    Run by a Hugli-based couple, Science Domain has a registered company in the UK. As for its owners, Pinaki Mondal is listed as an MTech degree holder and a former employee of International Centre for Automobile Technology, while his wife, identified only as “Dr (Ms) M B Mondal”, is shown to have completed her Ph.D. says it charges $500 per article but offers discounts of up to 96% on this price. “Kindly contact to to know payment instructions for bank wire transfer,” it states. The website claims that four of its journals are on the UGC list but The Indian Express found only one — British Journal of Economics, Management & Trade — although its new version, Journal of Economics, Management, and Trade, is missing. The company claims to have published over 20,000 articles.
  • 4/13/21: The London address comes from a virtual office supplier that "provide[s] the opportunity for companies, businesses and individuals to use this prestigious London W1 location for mail forwarding and as a registered office address." Also of interest is a ScholarlyOA posting on how SDI meets its 21-day promise for publication decisions.

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  1. Two of my research articles are being published by CHEMICAL SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, which is accessible by Google Scholar and open-access. They have a hit counter, reveal the identity of reviewers, and the reviews are available to be seen along with the Abstract and the Article. It's good.
    John H. Jennings, M.S. (UCSD, Chemistry, 1975)
    Berkeley, California USA